30 New Resistance 3 Images

All aboard the Resistance 3 hype train !!

With the Closed Beta already running for a very select few (tee hee), the release of the private beta only days away and the full retail hitting shelves in just over a month, Insomniac Games has gone and gotten itself a feature in this months episode or Qore Playstations Digital Magazine.

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aviator1892604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

My god, that artwork is beautiful. So eerie as well, makes me want to just jump in there and explore.

Sevir042604d ago

The game has some amazing atmosphere

yamzilla2604d ago

wish the game looked that good!

still buying day one!

KingPin2604d ago

Your wish will be granted when you ACTUALLY buy a PS3.

firemassacre2604d ago

game looks amazing! day 1

aaabbbccc43242604d ago

to get you guys extra excited, here's a good soundtrack from the game:

firemassacre2604d ago

really eerie, thanks 4 the link

xtremegamerage2604d ago

Resistance 3 beta is sweet and i spoke to the devs insomniac who said the game does not [email protected] 960x704. Much higher:)

They are going to tone down the blur,bobweave from beta.

Mp is sweet though and the full game must look sweet.

But those images give alot way:)

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