Bandai Namco bolsters dev capacity via Banpresto amalgamation

Japanese publisher grows internal development resource with Banpresto solely focusing on amusements.

As part of a large corporate restructuring announced today, Bandai Namco will absorb the game development efforts of its wholly-owned Banpresto subsidiary into its own games division.

While Banpresto might not be a huge name overseas, the company has some of the best selling franchises in the Japanese marketplace including the Super Robot Taisen series, in which over 33 titles have been developed.

Banpresto's activities have been largely split between creating games for home consoles and developing amusement machines. The game division will be incorporated into Bandai Namco's own game development section, a response the company says has come about due to the rapidly changing nature of the games marketplace.

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Charlie26884028d ago

SWEET! now bing more SRW titles to NA!

Charlie26884028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Double Post FTW!

jackdoe4028d ago

I want SRW on the PS3. That way, I can actually play the game on a tv without a modchip.