Comix Zone (Genesis) Stream Tonight @ 9:30pm/EST | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "Tonight at 9:30pm/EST Rahat will be playing Comix Zone (Genesis) live on GameBlurb (((On Air))). So be sure to check out the stream and remember to follow us on so you know when we are live."

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MicrocutsX22663d ago

Heard this was a good game back in the day...too bad it came out so late.

thekillerchrist2663d ago

i've never heard of this game. i'll be on as usual though.

Relientk772663d ago

Really good game for the Genesis. I wish they made a sequel for this. The bad thing is I've beat this game so many x its ridic, you can beat the game in a little over 20 mins