PS3 JailBreaker Raided and Arrested, Piracy Devices Seized

Today (linked above) reports that South African Police Service's Commercial Crime Unit, acting on behalf of complaints received from the South African Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT), has raided and consequently arrested a PS3 JailBreaker residing in Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa along with seizing the PlayStation 3 piracy devices used to circumvent Sony's system protection.

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I LOVE GAMES2689d ago

PS3 JailBreaker Raided and Arrested, Piracy Devices Seized

Chocoboh2689d ago

However interesting it is to hear a jailbreaker get caught I would hardly call this news. The information is out there so anyone could do it theirselves easily. But whatever.

Veeger2689d ago

No tears shed for thieves.

Taz Yamauchi2689d ago

I don't know about other parts of South Africa I'm from Capetown and we have guys who are actually advertising in newspapers and gumtree website that they do this jailbreaking thing, I'm glad they are being smoked out

pr0digyZA2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Im in the Durban area and haven't really seen it. Glad that they got this guy.

edit: just seen that there are a lot more South Africans on this site than I thought.

Inzo2689d ago

Im from Bloem and its the same thing here.

Inzo2689d ago

Pity the SA police cant be as affective with other more serious crimes.

vickers5002689d ago

What are you talking about?! Downloading a game off the internet is much more serious and evil than some trivial crime such as murder! How dare you insinuate that playing copies of games for free isn't just as bad, if not worse, than a crime such as murder or robbery.

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