Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 vs. Black Ops: Why MW3 Will Emerge Victorious

The Call of Duty series of shooters is one of the most successful video game franchises ever...despite having two developers working on each successive game at the same time. The upcoming CoD game is, of course, Modern Warfare 3, but the big question is can MW3 be better than its predecessor, Black Ops? All signs point to yes.

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Septic2694d ago

Oh come on. It's not exactly the hardest thing in the world to trump the abomination that is Black Cocks.

thorstein2694d ago

I am so tired of these "comparisons." It is like claiming that one console will "win" the console war. There is no console war. All three consoles have been very successful.

Now we have COD vs BF. Both will sell well. Both will be successful. There is no "victorious" game.

rabidpancakeburglar2694d ago

You realise that this is MW3 vs Black Ops don't you?

evrfighter2694d ago

More people are playing mw2 then blackops on steam...

But then on xfire more people are playing cod2 then mw2 and blackops

thorstein2694d ago

Yes, Rabid, I do. I just was making the point that when you compare successful titles it doesn't make sense.

fluffydelusions2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I wonder if the PS3 version will be playable. I recently played the 360 version of Blops and it's like night and day compared to the atrocious PS3 version.

@below fanboy really? Check my history and the forum. I own a PS3. If you don't think the PS3 version is the lesser of the two you are only fooling yourself.

unicron72694d ago

Strange how I've actually played both and the differences are minuscule. Only fanboys care.

KyRo2694d ago

Black Ops pissed on MW2's multiplayer.

antz11042694d ago

The only better thing BLOPS multi had going for it was the monetary system to buy weapon attachments, grinding to 150 kills to get a tac knife was a pain.

raWfodog2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

MW has my favorite gun, the P90. I'm a beast with that piece :)

I hope IW can still pull it off after the 'restructuring' of personnel.

Inside_out2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I would think in terms of multi-player that MW3 will be the better of the two but as a whole package, Black ops with the mini-game/zombie stuff, and the fact you can play it with 4 people might get the edge.

Black ops was really two games...the old Treyarch and the new, blended MW updated Treyarch. I feel the next Treyarch COD will be incredible as they have been giving free reign by Activision to get it done in a big way...can't wait.

@ Septic...Wow, can I call you Septic-tank, because that seems to be were your head is at. I hope know, a girl with that visual...otherwise...O_o

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Cmpunk2694d ago

battlefield may be a better game but it's fanboy's are worse

unicron72694d ago

HAHA. Good one. COD online is atrocious mostly because of it's fanbase online. People get sick of hearing "Faggot, loser, noob, etc." on rotation.

BlmThug2694d ago

Modern Warfare is more known than Black ops

davidmccue2694d ago

Modern Warfare = Hackers wet dream

NuclearDuke2694d ago

Why did people downvote this guy? Modern Warfare is definately a bigger and more known franchise than Call of Duty by now. Even though Black Ops sold better than Modern Warfare 2, which is mainly because of the popularity of Modern Warfare 2, it doesn't mean it's more known amongst the fanbase. Wait and see the sales of MW3.

DEA Fresh2694d ago

Black Ops is the best COD. Treyarch added so many features, kept the game perfectly balanced and has amazing community support.

There are no insane perks OMA, danger close, and commando. No death streaks, no martyrdom juggernaut or stopping power. They took out nukes and cumulating killstreaks. At the same time added theater, wager matches, combat training, and an insane depth to zombies. They release a title update near every month and have had a good amount of double XP and three DLC packs.

They've nerfed the two most overused guns (famas ak74u) so you actually see other weapons. And never did you see anything like the javelin glitch, akimbo models (took IW 2 patches to fix) care package running, care packaging glitching ( took 3 separate patches)

IW created the game but Treyarch mastered and fine tuned it. IW's lack of support is pathetic for what was the highest selling game when it was out. This time they have 3 different studios working on MW3 so I imagine it'll be a real mess.

COD Black Ops: 15th lvl 50 2.01 k/d 4.00 w/l
2000 games 50000 kills

BlitzAK2694d ago

the only major balancing issues it had was the AK74u, other than that, with some tweaking, most weapons are reasonably balanced.

d-lirious2694d ago

Dont see how people can disagree with that DEA... MW2s MP was so chaotic. It was fun for the time but blops is fine-tuned and way more balanced. They definitely improved the knifing and sniping, i was so sick of EVERYONE sniping in MW2. Also its kinda weird people rag on the fact that treyarch keep releasing new maps, sure its for the money but people who play get what they want as well. Kudos to TA for listening to their fanbase

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