Troll Tuesday: G4

G4 sucks. It’s a pretty safe assumption to make, seeing as there is very little redeemable content on the channel, so much so that DirecTV dropped it from it’s channels entirely. We can thank that fact to Comcast, forcing the channel to aim at a broader audience than gamers, expanding to shithead jocks and dudebro idiots. Why do we, as cynical gamers, give G4 some of the most shit? Well, besides what was said above, here’s why.

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acemonkey2666d ago

great whos deepthroating that hotdog?

Chocoboh2666d ago

I don't even have cable anymore. Too much propaganda and if anything I'd only turn it on to tune into the weather channel every now and then. Yes my life is boring but that's besides the point.

GoldPS32666d ago

Yeah cable is really useless now. You can watch everything on the internet.

BeaArthur2666d ago

Just another desperate site looking for someone to pay attention to them.

negative2666d ago

Agreed. I enjoy G4. I don't expect much from it but it's still a fun channel.

BeaArthur2666d ago

Yeah really. It's not my favorite channel but there is plenty of good content on there. People just hate what's popular, nothing new here.

Xenial2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Seeing as ive only been watching G4 for about 2 years, I havent seen the 'good ol' days'. I will say, AOTS has changed a lot; the cops,cheaters and campus pd eps do get old. Nevertheless, I still watch AOTS daily. Sad sometimes though. :(

Bolts2666d ago

Why do they even bother showing reruns of Cops and Cheaters? What is the point, is it so hard to generate gaming related content?

MidnytRain2666d ago

I'm saying, though. I remember watching Cheat! with Kristin Holt, which was when I saw a lot of the "next" gen games with walkthroughs. They should have kept it. I think now they just toss it into X-Plax every now and again.

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