Legendary Composer Nobuo Uematsu at Otakon

"Otakon is the biggest anime convention on the east coast located every year at the Baltimore convention center. This year they announced that Nobuo Uematsu who is a composer, musician, and gaming god would be taking a quick pitstop at the convention this year I was beyond excited. Uematsu was in Baltimore for his Distant Worlds orchestral tour and stopped by Otakon to help raise funds for Japan’s tsunami relief."

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AerotheAcrobat2668d ago

I wish he did the 13 soundtrack

hamoor2668d ago

Seriously, ffxiii soundtrack were mediocre!

maybe this is the only good one:

Pozzle2666d ago

Then it was ruined with the crappy remix version later on in the game :(

TheGreatGazoo2668d ago

It looks like he's gonna do a tri-beam

likemonstersdo2668d ago

thank god he agrees with me about One Winged Angel.

GreasyBacon322668d ago

Koji Kondo > Nobuo Uematsu

coolfool2666d ago

so this is just part of the q & a session. so where is the other part?