Gamesradar - Assassin's Creed Revelations hands-on multiplayer preview

When Assassin’s Creed finally dipped its toes into multiplayer with last year’s release of Brotherhood, the unique new mode – created by Ubisoft’s studio in Annecy, France, best known for their work on Splinter Cell’s spies-vs-mercenaries multiplayer – quickly distinguished itself as one of Brotherhood’s standout features. Favoring a stealth-based approach in which everyone was not-so-secretly hunting everyone else, it was a tense, intimate experience that put crowds, hidden abilities and plenty of climbable Renaissance architecture at players’ disposal.

With Assassin’s Creed Revelations drawing closer to its November release, Ubisoft Annecy isn’t dramatically reinventing AC’s approach to multiplayer, but it has been adding a bunch of new features aimed at making the game even more accessible to new players – and at keeping them hooked once they start. And after experimenting with them firsthand at the Annecy studio, we’re already eager for another round.

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