The Past, Future and Present of Xbox Live Arcade

The Xbox Live Arcade service has gone from somewhat of a novel way to experience nostalgia to a vital cog in the Xbox 360’s gaming experience. In recent times it’s became quite apparent that the service has became something of desirable location to place new ideas, fresh concepts and bring popular indie titles to the masses. While people may claim modern day gaming has become a stale and repetitive mess which only seems to support people looking for big guns and dumb gameplay Xbox Live Arcade is the perfect counter claim.

The range of games on offer on the service is truly outstanding. Old classics in all their glory with an attractive price tag have always been a core foundation of Xbox Live Arcade and for the most part the selection of classics has been impressive (with the odd disappearance of few games due to companies going bust such as Midway) but things started to get more interesting when remakes began to show up. The trend of remaking games in HD visuals has been stronger than ever, with the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill being the latest titles to recive face lifts, it should be remembered that Xbox Live Arcade (and PSN) started the trend off. These old classics with new visuals (and sometimes new game mechanics) added a new depth to the service as well as introducing some true classics to a new generation. I always had a interest in how classic titles would turn out when given a modern spin and Xbox Live Arcade satisfied my interest while providing countless hours of great game experiences. Of course games such as Doom made an impact on the service and with the addition of online co-op it was clear that Xbox Live Arcade gave people new ways of experiencing old favourites.

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fluffydelusions2668d ago

Some great titles in XBLA and PSN

GamerEuphoria2668d ago

True but the writer has mostly used XBLA, so the lack of mention of PSN is 100% down to the writer having more time throguh the years with XBLA.

darthv722668d ago

regardless of service one thing is certain. The evolution in the "arcade" type of games on xbla (and psn) has improved greatly over the years. More risks being taken to make something substantial and worth the $$$.

I like the originality of some of the titles and then you have the full rebuilds of some classics as well. I find myself buying more of these pick up and play titles than even the retail releases.

drsnobby2668d ago

XBLA has really put out quality games over the years.i'm glad that the days of the 50mbs are over.i'm looking forward to more quality games on XBLA.

ElementX2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Honestly, I rarely purchase games on my 360. Today I bought Limbo, From Dust, and Bastion on XBLA. I was impressed by the positive reviews for these games and I don't want to wait 6 months for the PS3 releases. I've also heard great things about 'Splosion Man and Ms 'Splosion man. Those are my next XBLA purchases. However, PSN also has some great exclusive games.

hamoor2668d ago

You gotta try super meat boy!
Seriously that game is MAD FUN!

ElementX2668d ago

Thanks for the recommendation

Solidus187-SCMilk2668d ago

shadow complex is the best game for DL I think. You should try the demo and see if you would like it.

drsnobby2667d ago

These indie devs are the future of gaming and i'm glad to show my support for these guys.lets show love for these guys.

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CrimsonEngage2668d ago

Castle Crashers is still #1! :D

hamoor2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

You can deny that ms introduced some great ideas that everybody is doing it now.

Xbla games. achievements. Home button on the controller.

same with sony and nintendo. Evolution and competition, win for them
And us.

maniacmayhem2668d ago

XBLA has come a long way from when it was first introduced. I remember all the old school ports they used to release.

Battlefield 1943 still gets serious play from me.