Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 GameStop Pre-Order Bonuses

Along with Amazon announcing their pre-order bonuses Gamestop have also confirmed theirs.

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CoryHG2667d ago

There you go capcom just keep raping us.

Lovable2667d ago

Dear Feldman9000

Will Do Loyal Customer

Sincerely yours,

bruddahmanmatt2667d ago

Let me guess, the bonus is a bottle of lube so that it doesn't hurt as much the next time Capcom decides to bend over consumers.

JEW_UNIT2667d ago

That was announced way before Amazon had their preorder bonuses. It was GS, BB, and TRU...Amazon was the last to have their announcement. Anyway, don't want the game? Don't buy it...I'm not. I'm voting with my wallet until a new megaman game is announced and actually release.

If you want to send a message to Capcom (and the other gaming companies), boycott their products. Because they don't care about fans and what they have to say (especially on the internet)...They care about the $$$. Vote and send a clear message using your wallet.

Burning_Finger2667d ago

People are idiots. That's why greedy company like capcom keep taking advantage of them.

mrsatan2667d ago

Yeah I am done buying Capcom's game. I am voting with my wallet.

DA_SHREDDER2667d ago

Me too, I'm buying this game used next year, screw this crap! I'm selling my copy of MvC3 asap!

Infernostew2667d ago

Milk, milk. Lemonade 'Round the corner, fudge is made.

Ninja-Sama2667d ago

They should be giving this shit out for free.

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