Otakon's Not-So-Secret Love of Games

Pixels or Death's Mike Potts writes:

"Because of this meld of interests, the unmistakable influence of video games was surprisingly apparent at this year’s Otakon. Walking the labyrinthian hallways between the 10 theaters (showing everything from Case Closed to Bible Black *disturbed shiver*) and the Dealer’s Hall, the average Otaku (Japanese culture geek) was bombarded with costume after costume from every corner of the gaming universe (even if 90% of them were Keyblade totting Soras; Seriously, I saw more keys this weekend than the average locksmith). To my left, Spartan Noble Team is gutting and riddling with bullets those unlucky enough to stand in front of their camera. Behind me in line is a Detective Gumshoe, just waiting for a Phoenix Wright to show up. I saw Ryu get punched out by Mike Tyson while the Cole-train chainsaw dueled Dr. Salvador. And don’t even get me started on Team Fortress 2, although I do wonder why every Scout was gender shifted."

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