Konami Explains How MSG4 Delay Is Good (For Them)

Kotaku reports:

"That MGS4 delay? Sucks. Today in Tokyo, Konami held a closed door investors meeting. Chief Financial Officer Noriaki Yamaguchi stressed that Konami is "committed" to a first quarter release next year. Since the Japanese financial year ends March 31st, that means MGS4 should be released sometime between April and July in Japan."

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mighty_douche4054d ago

simple as that, i gave up caring about delays a long time ago.

but i promise when its in store it'll have been worth the wait.

hahahabutt4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Dam that stinks. I was hoping a Feb release for the U.S. Wow talk about WAITBEYOND again. :( Guess no PS3 for me again. There probablly going to make a 360 release like 2 months later, that is what the delay can be.? Just speculation

iNcRiMiNaTi4054d ago

is getting delayed again...theyr prolly tryin to get in features for sonys products and stuff, like the rumble controller and maybe something for HOME

IntelligentAj4054d ago

When was this originally supposed to come out? I wasn't expecting the game until Summer of next year anyway. They can take as much time as they want as long as the game is great. Take your time and don't release a half a$$ product.

BloodySinner4054d ago

The longer MGS4 is delayed the more it hurts the PS3.

goodganja4054d ago

The longer it's on PS3, the longer it hurts XBOX. Which means your Sh!tty system will be hurting for quite sometime.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

LOFT3164054d ago

is that why you posted this story just so you could show your little cartoon ? when ever MGS4 comes out it will be worth the wait!! Now troll along sinner

BloodySinner4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

I posted this story because I'm a contributor on this web site and since this just happened to be news worthy. Get bent, dіckwad.

Mr PS34054d ago

You posted this story cause your a contributor on this web site !!
WOW i'm impressed!! Now for facts your a troll and a fanboy and you get an erection when you find negative news for the PS3 thats why you posted it and you like to say to people when they come on to the crapbox page's and post sh1t just like you do "troll along" and " i'm takin bubbles off you" "blah blah blah" your such a tart now i know your gonna come back with "move along troll or i can see why you only got 1 bubble" but dont bother cause i aint only need 1 bubble to tell pr1cks like you that you bloodsucka is the biggest piece of fanboy crap on this site now troll elseware d1ckwad

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The story is too old to be commented.