Red Orchestra 2 Steam preorders have begun, special bonuses

Tripwire Interactive has announced that Steam preorders of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad are now available, and gamers who purchase the Steam Digital Deluxe Edition will get a ton of exclusive unlocks. If that weren't enough, players who own the original Red Orchestra will also get special bonuses including exclusive in-game content and 20% off the pre-purchase.

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BeastlyRig2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

AAA quality gameplay for $35? I am there..

Solid_Snake-2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

no offence but you aint even played the first one.

you do know this isnt a run and gun FPS right?

also this isnt a AAA title. it never has been and has never aimed to be.

you also do the same to the ARMA series which once again you have never played.

your making PC gamers look like douche bags.

i get my 20% off due to being an owner of red orchestra and all DLC. i can not wait to play this amazing title.

ForTheFallen2693d ago

What evidence do you have that he didn't play the first one, or that he thought it was a run and gun, OR that he doesn't know what ARMA is? lol
And he said AAA "quality gameplay" not that it was AAA.
Now stop. Hatin' is bad.

TheGameFoxJTV2692d ago

Wow, elitist that jumped the fucking gun. Learn to read and write properly first buddy. And stop making all us PC gamer look like "douche bags". Everything you listed was just unguided anger.

ForTheFallen2692d ago

I can't seem to edit my comment, so this'll have to do, in that, twas confirmed to me that, indeed verily, BeastlyRig, is in fact, a douchebag. I have seen my evidence and hereby retract my first comment on the motion!

Saryk2693d ago

Going to buy this like, now!

allyc4t2693d ago

Bought. Love the extra 10% off you get if you had the original game.

ForTheFallen2693d ago

What an awesome deal, I canceled my gamestop preorder for this steam deal. 20% off FTW!