No Wii DVD in 2007

Looks like potential Wii owners are going to have to judge the system exclusively based on its gaming (and photo management, internet, weather, and so-on) functionality for the time being. Nintendo Japan has posted a message at the Q&A section of its site stating that the promised DVD-ready Wii won't make it out in 2007.

As reason for not introducing the new model this year, the company cited a need to need to maintain effective production in order to keep up with worldwide demand for the Wii.

This DVD-ready system would basically be just like the current Wii, except with the ability to play DVDs. According to the Q&A, it would have no external changes to the hardware or any other added functionality.

Rather than stating that the product has been canceled, the Q&A states merely that it won't be released in 2007.

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IntelligentAj4055d ago

Somebody help me understand why this matters?Most of the people who bought a Wii had no intention of making it anything but a console to play games on(which is what Nintendo wanted anyway). Pointless...

ItsDubC4055d ago

Honestly, I think for the most part it only matters to ppl who have been saying, "LOLz the Wii iz so last-gen, it duzint even haf a DVD player!!!"

Raise your hand if you don't have a DVD player yet.

ChickeyCantor4055d ago

DVD'S!! everyone has at least 2 in their home.......
we have 7 here and we dont even use it 0_o

gw4k4055d ago

Who gives a SH about movie watching.

Nintendo should save the money that they are bringing in and focus on getting some high quality games. Maybe help developers polish their games so they can stop releasing crap.

I have never seen a system with so many terrible games!

Kholinar4055d ago

I have, and worse...

The ps1 was a train-wreck...

Brainiac 84055d ago

Which I don't understand, since like was said, most people already have a dvd player or three in their home. I'll pay 50 dollars less rather than have a dvd player in the that I'll never use since I use my actual dvd player.

Kwertie4055d ago

I probably would have used it, rather than switching to my DVD player (and the fact that it's just more convienient and I use the Wii more), but now I have my DVD player hooked up to a surround system, I don't think I will since the Wii only does Dolby Prologic 2. Chances are the output would be stereo only, I can't see it coding stuff to Dolby Prologic on the fly.

Also my DVD player is multiregion and my Wii isn't, so thats more of a reason.

Still what's all this about launching a DVD playback version? They said no changes to hardware, which would suggest new software or a new channel would be all that's needed.

Well you see, although DVD playback isn't required these days, it is something that would get parents using the Wii. Think about it, rather than unplugging stuff, just put the DVD in the Wii and use the TV like remote. Simple.