First Screens Of ‘Unlimited Detail’ Engine Are Far From Impressive

GB:"Yesterday we had reported on an upcoming graphics engine: ’Unlimited Detail’ which promises to improve the current generation of graphics by 100,000 times. The tech is under development at Euclideon and being a technology company they have not been able to create an artistic world for their tech demo."


These were from the older build. I know its a bit late but decided to inform you guys anyway.

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wwm0nkey2666d ago

Like they said in the video, they are not artists.

Gray-Fox-Type02666d ago

Looks very strange indeed. But what we seen just some models and not all in action with animations and stuff. Still very impressive, But the graphics are poor in return lol.

Bereaver2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Actually, most of you probably didnt' see them, but I've actually seen a lot of these pictures from a year ago. YES, a year ago. Some of them I haven't, but I still think it's from the same set they took a year ago.

If you check out the new video compared to these screens, then you will notice a BIG difference in quality.

BubbleSniper2666d ago

you have people that will comment without watching the entire video. i was impressed because i understood what was being said by that Aussie man.

it still remains to be seen if this is viable enough to be used in games tho

Arnon2666d ago

The thing is a scam anyway.

Mikey322302666d ago

Yeah whoever wrote this article obviously didnt do their research

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TheIneffableBob2666d ago

Looks like CG from 15 years ago.

They say they're not artists, but they could have easily hired one since they were given 2 million dollars in grants.

Jdub895O2666d ago

yeah i was thinking the same thing. Looks like ps one cg days right? Maybe it has potential.

qwertyz2666d ago

directx 11 tesselation already does what they are doing(well in a different way because it still uses polygons)

sprayNpray2666d ago

I like how I submitted this article an hour or two ago, then it gets reported by the douche that submitted this one, AND THEN he SUBMITS THE SAME DAMN STORY. Rashid Sayed, you sir can go fuck yourself.

That is all.

gameseveryday2666d ago

You have zero subs:

So you can stop trolling now :D

sprayNpray2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I submitted a story for approval... You should know because you reported it for some bs reasons.

I can post a screenshot if you like.

So like I said before, go fuck yourself.

Thanks! :D

EDIT: Heres the link to it, I'm sure you're a douche all the time so maybe you forgot.

Bereaver2666d ago

Actually, that article is form kotaku featuring the video. It's not the same. That video was posted yesterday. Look back if you don't believe.

Lionhead2666d ago

That's gamingbolt for you

Slideshow articles that require you to give them a new hit because it redirects to a new page.

Also, if you watch the video, the technology is impressive but since they are producing static images with no animation it's easy to have an unlimited amount of models.

BeastlyRig2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Graphics wise it's not impressive but the technology behind it is very impressive..

Gamers think graphics = something good..

They really need to hire some artist or people will still somehow be amazed by the next unreal tech demo to come out..

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