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James of Writes:

"If anything can be said about this years Summer of Arcade, it’s that each game has been visually stunning. Out of all of the games this year, the one that sticks out most to me is Fuelcell Games Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Much like Limbo released during last years SoA, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet’s use of dark silhouettes is downright gorgeous. While there’s no doubt how beautiful the graphics are, does Shadow Planet’s gameplay excel as well?"

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rrquinta2695d ago

Sounds a little like PixelJunk Shooter, too. Looks fun.

dwightmccarthy2695d ago

Man i hate summer of arcade, taking all my money...

Jamesmanguyperson2695d ago

Reminds me of Solar Jetman as well..

ElementX2695d ago

I'm going to have to get this game. I just got Bastion and Full Dust! :)

lochdoun2695d ago

I already bought Bastion to get The Maw for free. I'll wait for a sale on this one but it does look great.

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