Sesame Street Once upon a Monster will bring the Elmo out of you

GamerFitNation's BlackBible gets to play Sesame Street Once upon a monster, with Warner Bros producer John. Sesame Street once upon a Monster will bring the Elmo out of you. This game is something that Gamer Moms and Dads should look into. As you know with anything that says Sesame Street learning is a Key element. Once upon a Monster provides a sequence of unique mini games that will take you along a educational path while introducing you to many known characters. The only issue is that most Gamers, especially those who consider themselves hardcore tend to overlook titles like this because they feel it's for kiddies. Which is a shame because this game will bring you and your kids closers if you think about the emotional connection gained from it.

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LOL I enjoyed the title very much, and I hope you gamers parents out there check it out.

fluffydelusions2695d ago

Not sure why you get disagrees. I wouldn't play this game but I'm sure a lot of parents would prefer their kids play this than something else. Just sayin...

BLACKBIBLE2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Just trolls doing what they do best. Once upon a monster is a game that kids will love. You should check it out still. It seems people don't realize the importance of children in the gaming world. It's not wise to have your child playing GTA or saints Row. So a game like this is something that you should at least give a shot.

Rrobba2695d ago

"Sesame Street Once upon a Monster will bring the Elmo out of you"

I doubt that.

MyaSharona2695d ago

Double Fine always does a great job. Nice to see them working to such a broad audience.

Axonometri2695d ago

I think this game looks great for my young boys.. I also think this video preview helps me stay checked-in, in regard to my enthusiasm level of said game.

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The story is too old to be commented.