BioWare, EA and Ubisoft talk Wii U

Nintendo’s upcoming console finally puts the company on par with the competition in terms of raw power, and the new controller opens up a whole new world of possibilities, much like the Wii and DS did before it. Read on to find out what staff members from Ubisoft, EA and Bioware have to say about the console.

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billyboi1222692d ago

Mass Effect on the Wii U would be awesome.

handheldwars22692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

The graphics (especially the lighting and shading) look much better than PS360, and even though it will be the PS2 of the next gen in this case, I have no problems with it. Why? Because its going to be a game-changing console with the ability to have HUD in the controller screen. I can see all genres (except platform) greatly benefiting from this mechanism...

Just hope Nintendo invests in da third partyz, so we can see Mass Effect Trilogy someday... :) Also,

ChickeyCantor2692d ago

" (except platform) "

2D platformers will work great for an overall map. Seeing where things are. See what is up ahead. Draw new objects into the world. whatever.

In 3D they could use it for showing relevant beacons like secrets and whatever.

jacksonmichael2692d ago

@ sidar Good point. I'd love a Dawn of Sorrow style Castlevania on that thing.

StarWolf2692d ago

hopefully nintendo can even invest with all the money theyve lost.

Jejojaja2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

considering how much they have earned from Wii and Ds i dont think thets a big problem. my 2 cents

From what almost all developers say WiiU is shaping up to be a great console.

jacen1002692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

yea i agree the wii cost nintendo nothin to develop it was just a gamecube in a new shell, they made a shit load of cash off the wii and the handhelds way more than any other company, its about time they started to put it into a fresh new system with decent power anything above the current gen should do the trick as most people are still happy with what the ps3 and 360 are putting out.