“We’re not concerned” about PES 12′s features- EA Sports

GamingBolt: "In our recent interview with EA Sports, Aaron McHardy, gameplay director of FIFA 12, said that the development team was not concerned about the new features announced for their competitor, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, saying that FIFA 12 does the same things (if not to the same extent) and more."

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showtimefolks2692d ago

when pes was the main game i guess many fans went away from it because it had a hard time changing for next gen

but last year's pes was great and this years' PES sounds awesome

one thing PES has and will always do better is GAMEPLAY and that's something EA can never touch

and one more thing a lot more people play fifa because its a bit easier to play while PES on normal you can get you *** handed to you

I am more of a pes fan but i guess to each his own

Kee2692d ago

Is fifa as fun as pro evolution soccer. Nope. It's extremely boring now. Pro at least sacrifices a bit of realism for fun.

I was glad in pro evo 2009 where you could have 6-5 as a scoreline near enough every match because it made the game enjoyable. In fifa it's always deadlocked until someone gets a player sent off. It is just freaking impossible to score in that game.

And they come out every year spouting the same nonsense about a new, more "dynamic dribbling system". And they've been saying this since about 2006. They're doing nothing to the game. They add no (meaningful) features either. Manager mode. What the hell, if I wanted to play as a football manager, I'd buy football manager.

Oh, but you can play target practice mode while the game's loading. Nah, that doesn't make up for anything. A match loads for about 20 seconds. You're gonna hit one shot (probably miss) and then the games starts. Useless feature. Just concentrate on reducing the loading time instead.

Fifa's success among football fans is only because they had the full licensing of strips and team/player names and stadium names. That's it. They're not interested in the game being fun. It's about 75% immersion 25% fun.

Anderson82692d ago

'deadlocked untill a player gets sent off'

...what are you on about? that is generally how football is.. fifa always goes for realism thats why its a sim not an arcade game

licensing isnt what draws in footie fans good gameplay does.. thats why pes was the stronger of the two last gen fifa just upped their game this gen and pro didnt its that simple

news4geeks2692d ago

The last fun fifa game was fifa 98. Playing a game of fifa these days is like watching a sunday league team kick lumps out each other with zero elegance and no technical ability.

MrDead2691d ago

Nothing will ever beat Sensible Soccer.