Limbo to be available for $10 on Steam today

LegitGamer - Playdead has confirmed that Limbo, which recently released on the PlayStation Network, will be available for $10 on Steam today.

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fluffydelusions2639d ago

I want torchlight 2 and trine 2 also.

Nitrowolf22639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Trine 2 is late this summer

JoGam2639d ago

Can't wait till it hit PSN for $9.99. Need that.

Nitrowolf22639d ago

should have launched at that price on PSN, here i come Steam

BeastlyRig2639d ago

cheapest place to get it then!

BlackKnight2639d ago

Lol and what is wrong with PC playing this game?

callahan092639d ago

Nice! Almost bought it on PSN for 11.99 at the PS+ special price because it seemed a great deal. Didn't feel like entering my credit card number at the time though. Now it's on Steam and only 9.99, that's a sale!