Gamertag Radio Episode #301 – Is Nintendo in trouble? Roundtable Discussion

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Is Nintendo in trouble? Roundtable Discussion
*Nintendo’s real competition smartphone & tablets
*Custom Soundtrack of the week: Mac Miller “Best Day Ever”
*Halo 4 Beta?
*Call of Duty Elite impressions
*Questions from the fans
*Nintendo 3DS price drop
*Halo 4 Beta question
*Do gamers hate Gamestop?
*Duke Nukem Forever Failed or Succeed?
*Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Impressions
*Gakwer hacked again

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Rrobba2693d ago

No. 1 QUARTER of loss isn't enough to kill 6 YEARS of profit.

Venomousfatman2693d ago

I honestly don't hate Gamestop, I still buy from them. Yet I disagree with some of the decisions they make, as well as some other places too.