Doom dev thinks GTA 5 will reduce aggression

Product-Reviews writes: While some states try and pass violent games laws, and politicians rally to rule that gamers should have tight restrictions when it comes to the amount you can do in a game, some public figures have a different view. The idea that thousands of people could go out and buy GTA 5 to help reduce aggression is an interesting one.

How many people have turned out to be violent or cold blooded killers thanks to the games they played?

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tr00p3r2692d ago

The never ending debate continues..

This reminds me of the story I read about the Norway killer referencing Modern Warfare in his journal.

End of the's not the developers duty to babysit fucked up psychos, who just so happen to have played a popular video game.

danswayuk2692d ago

If it sells a story the media will try and spin it.

Masta_fro2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

interesting fact:

Japanese allow rape video games. Yes, video games about raping women.

Guess whats one of the nations with least rape count in relation to its population...


DeadlyFire2691d ago

Have to live out your emotions or they will stay inside. Video games are a great way to do that. If the immersion and feeling is real enough your mind will feel satisfied and won't have that desire again for awhile. Why else do you crave a horror suspense movie every now and then where you know everyone is going to die in a terrible manner.

Movies, books do the same thing. Video games just bring a new level of immersion and more satisfying experience.

Why else would porn industry be 2nd biggest industry out there? 1st being video games. Its official.

J86blum2691d ago

Guess he didnt have second chance pro.

Hanif-8762691d ago

Its true every time i feel the urge to kill a hooker in real life i turn to GTA IV. Ok, done with the jokes but he does have a point there!

subtenko2691d ago

R* dont listen to ANYBODY telling you what you shouldnt put in the game. You make GTA5 a f**kin awesome game and do it right! Make it the talk of the town like the old gta games were, make it revolutionary, make it a BIG leap from previous games, put as much as you can in the game.

Make it realistic but still fun in a modern setting. More immersion, slightly increased multiplayer capacity.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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Phantom-Deutschland2691d ago

aggression will always be,with or without gta5 or any other game!

EverydayGuy2691d ago

I use GTA to live all my criminal fantasies, then get max stars and get killed by the cops. I get to feel like a criminal without the repercussions.

BlmThug2691d ago

After i play a videogame i dont suddenly feel like replicating what happens in the videgame. You would have to be very ret*rded to do that

Venjense2691d ago

Retarded and/or crazy.

Regardless, it must be a person completely indifferent to or unaware of the consequences of their actions = stupid or crazy.

Venjense2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Last Friday I was really upset and angry, I came home, put in AC Brotherhood for some reason and started beating up innocent people for 20 minutes.

Not only was it hilarious to see 20-30 people writhing on the ground but I felt completely better afterwards.

I could have gone out, gotten drunk and beat a real person up (or gotten my ass kicked) but I didn't.

Videogames save lives.

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