If His Demands Are Met, He Guarantees Battlefield 3 Will Triumph Over Modern Warfare 3

Kotaku - While the internet is filled with Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 propaganda that pretty much defines fanyboyism at its best, there is really only one issue that needs to be addressed by you guys.

No, it's not frame rates, or engines, or multiplayer details.

Let's talk lobbies. We need to get this right. The one big, over looked advantage that the Call of Duty franchise has is the seamless lobby system. There needs to be a better lobby system in Battlefield 3 then there was in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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Pandamobile2690d ago

"Let's talk lobbies. We need to get this right. The one big, over looked advantage that the Call of Duty franchise has is the seamless lobby system."

Hahaha, I'd call that a major disadvantage.

HeavenlySnipes2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

but MW2 had a great lobby system. You could inv and join people very easily and get into games fast. I don't get what you are saying there panda...


Yes the gameplay and lag in game is bad, but it takes like 5 seconds to find a game. There are about half a million people playing BO on both consoles lol. I don't get what you mean by bad waiting times.

Of all the terrible, stupid things COD has, the lobby system isn't one of them (in BO its pretty suckish, but the MW games worked flawlessly).

Kee2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Black ops is freaking terrible for that. Every cod game has bad waiting times and connections for lobbies on release. It's a mistake they've never really learned from. They know about a million people are gonna hit their server all at once at around 00:30 on launch day yet the lobbies are still awful by christmas.

Edit @HeavenlySnipes Sorry, meant bad waiting times if you're in a party. Then miraculously losing party members when you get into a game.

Consider MAG. I waited about 10 minutes to get into a game the other night, just because I had a hankering to play it. If I had a hankering to play CoD4 I'd be straight in to a game in seconds.

ATi_Elite2689d ago

We're talking about the lobby? The Lobby? So now we're talking about the Lobby? Not the game but the Lobby?

BF3 vs. MW3 is past outta control and beyond ridiculous

DERKADER2690d ago

This guy is crazy. I hate having to listen to an entire team of idiots just insulting each others mothers. I use my mic mainly as a mute button.

ddkshah2690d ago

try getting out of a game in bad company 2 from the lobby... oh thats right you can't!!!

nolifeking2690d ago

I know I'll end up sounding like many of the other countless COD haters, but DAMN, I really hope something puts it in it's place. COD is fun, no doubt, but how many times can people play the same essential game? With BF at least I know I'll get a game that takes it's objectives more seriously than one that encourages camping and selfishness? 318 hours in TF2 compared to 74 in COD: BLOPS should be quite telling of what I like.

Raendom2690d ago

Sounds like you like fun. TF2 and BF3 is comparing a monkey on a unicycle riding around handing out cookies to an Indian man giving a lecture on tooth decay. Both fun to the right audience but in reality one is more fun than the other.

Gmarino2690d ago

I'm going to look at all the points made in the artical.

1) There needs to be a better lobby system in Battlefield 3 then there was in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
- Agreed, there sure does. The time it took to load up the game and get friends together, then start up the game, was ages. COD was quicker in that respect but it wasn't perfect by any means.

2) Everyone needs to be able to talk to everyone between matches.
- Erm...I suppose this could be a wanted feature. Honestly, I want to see the percentage of people who demanded a 'Mute All' button in COD games, and who without it. Went down the list and muted all. I was one of them. Not a killer feature for many.

3)Everyone on your team needs to be able to communicate during matches. Not just whoever is in your four-man squad.
- Partially. The point of 4-Man Squads is to enphasize team play. To make it easy to get results from your team. Speaking out to the whole team of 12+ people is not very efficiant and basically you become a unknown. Having a squad is NEEDED to make this game good. Squad chat is a must. The option should be there to select 'Open Chat' for all people on your side. But only as a secondary Option. Rarly needed.

4)There needs to be a kill/death screen at the end of a round. The majority is obsessed with kill/death, it needs to be there.
- Definatly not. There's a reason COD exists and there's a reason BF3 exists. To split up ameture players from proper gamers. BF fans don't want to mix with the likes of 13 year old boys who scream down the microphones with high-pitched voices. We don't want to have to put up with bullshit imbalancing.

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