SPOnG: Is Microsoft's Bach Looking For Xbox 360 Price Cut?

During his presentation of the new parental timer for Xbox 360, Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices pointed out that he'd like to bring the price of the 360 down somewhat.

Cnet and ZDnet both report the following:
"Another thing Microsoft needs to do, Bach said, is find more ways to make the console cheaper to produce. "That's something we need to do over the life cycle to continue to make the business work," he said, "so, over time (we can) bring down prices.""

However, there is also something called "The Family PACT" - which is "available for use today". SPOnG went in search of it over at Microsoft's family area. They did this because it's apparently "a comprehensive, proactive approach to setting rules on media use, and asks parents and children to agree on the level of Parental involvement; Access children can have; Content they can play and watch; and the Time they are allowed to spend using media" - see P.A.C.T. Brilliant.

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BloodySinner4058d ago

... what they need to do is find a way to make the console more reliable.

TheMART4058d ago

Think you missed the news for months.

Extra heatsink = less heat, problem solved with repaired 360's
65nm chip = less heat, problem solved with new 360's


BTW a pricecut is coming for the 360, just before holiday sales, to 279 or 299 Euro.

SOny needs to find a way to get their device to have games and be seen as a console instead of a BluRay videoplayer.

Bladestar4058d ago

you are still with that whole RROD news? Can you show the sources that indicates that the elite or one of the newers SKU have a failure rate of 33%? It's done.. move on...

andy0014058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

If you are asking PS3 owners to move on from the 33% failure rate of the 360, then surely it is fair to point out that 360 owners should move on from the lack of PS3 games. My understanding is that there are 65 games available for the PS3 and then more available on the PSN. These games cover many genres and in terms of the eye toy, offer experiences that are currently unavailable for the 360. That is over 5 games per month available since launch (in the US)

Is that fair? Or can we just confirm that you guys are just biased and wish to continue trying to mislead the sites visitors by posting false, or wildly exaggerated, anti PS3 FUD?

dantesparda4058d ago

My 360 (the 3rd replacement) that I got back from them (MS) on July 22nd, didnt have the extra heatsink (I can see right into it). And it keeps freezing up and disc read erroring all he time, and has so since the day i got it back. So its not so "done" as you's put it. And 360s are stil red-ringing. So no! until its fixed for good and is brung down to a tolerable industry level, it will not be forgotten about. Its funny, cuz you fanboys choose to get mad at the people for acknowledging the problem instead of MS for creating it. You people are on their (MS') nuts! fanboys!

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hahahabutt4058d ago

360 Price point is fine. They are still selling well. But a price cut would be nice for everyone.

TheExodus4058d ago

I really wish they'd stop hinting at price cuts like this. I was already putting off buying the new Arcade SKU because something in my twisted little mind told me that Toshiba & MS were going to gang up on Sony this Christmas. Now, MS comes along & basically says I'm probably right. Oh well... what's a few more weeks.

M1am1U4058d ago

It's just a matter of when. The price of the 360 will come down again, the only question is whether or not they'll do it before the holidays. I think it would be a smart move on their part to do so. I'm sure it would keep encouraging hardware/software sales.

goodganja4058d ago

Micro$hit doesnt give a damn about you or anyone else. They give you a broken system, pay for features and you deal with it. When you grow minds of your own, PS3 will be waiting for you with open arms.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

jiggyjay4058d ago

$ony doesnt give a damn about you or anyone else. They give you a DVD player, pay for features and you deal with it. When you grow minds of your own, 360 will be waiting for you with open arms.

J U M P I N!

Feihc Retsam4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

And an empty game catalog...
The only thing keeping the PS3 afloat is the reputation they built with the PS2. My PS3 gets less play time than my Xbox360 and my Wii because there aren't enough good games. It's nice having a Blu Ray movie player, but my older standard DVDs still look fantastic when I play them on my upconverting DVD player... so... let's have some games already.


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