IGN - Assassin's Creed Revelations Death Match Multiplayer Offscreen Part 1

IGN - Does a smaller map equal a deadlier Death Match mode? See for yourself.

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Ares842694d ago

It's like Brotherhood. I'm more interested in the SP mode though. AC really is a game that did not needed a MP mode, at least not the way they made it.

CrimsonSquall2694d ago

IDK felt kinda like the same thing to me...never really got into AC but I guess this is pretty good for the people that play this kinda game

Kakihara2694d ago

I bought this game twice, that's enough.

Lirky2694d ago

The mulitplayer is just an add-on its difficult too and frustrating , AC franchise should stay single player. And add like multiplayer elements in the single-player i think that would be amazing, free-roaming around doing missions like the story.

Also if theres an entertainment like mini-games for the 4p co op. I'm saying it could of took the saints row II and the third approach. Single-player game + online integrated into the Single-Player :D.