New unknown features of FW 2.0

From a German website, one member posted this news:

Unknown new features of the new firmware 2.00

* Streaming of Trailers possible during download from the Playstation Store

* New Flash-Player update for the Internet browser.

* Browser and Store faster (Loading time)

* Demos, PS1 Games and Download Games can be sorted in folders

* A new Video-Chat

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fury4056d ago

...that Sony didn't explicitly point out those features. Especially 1,2 and 4 are very cool updates.

Siesser4056d ago

You can also label your video files with an Album title, and then sort them by that, effectivelly making a playlist (although a less flexible system). New to me, unless it's a feature I just missed out on all this time.

C_SoL4055d ago

i just went to gametrailers on my PS3 and the videos don't work...

fury4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )


MaximusPrime_4056d ago

i think this could be fake

unlimited4056d ago

its real.. the update is great..

barom4055d ago

very much real. I saw that there was a play button when I was downloading something. I thought it was new but wasn't 100% sure. Now I know that streaming was really a new feature

Starseven4056d ago

Hi there! It´s not fake!

This here is from the maxconsole-forums from a user called rockman-joey:

Additional Sorting Options

You can also set your music to group in folders by Year, but you can also create your own albums for the downloaded content of games you have on your HDD. Press Square to categorize them by format (PSone, PS2 and PS3) or create ya own!

Very handy as I have 42 Games on my HDD! Thank you Sony!!!


The Chat Room has been given a face lift and I really really like the design of it and it allows 6 people to chat at the same time with great video quality!

Ju4056d ago

I gotta go an will make a collection of the funniest "disagrees". That one being one of it. :) (I guess, I'll get a disagree on that one as well)

Vip3r4056d ago

Anyone else noticed that you can also change the font in the XMB as well as the colour of the backgrounds to make it look like another month?

mighty_douche4056d ago

if its true, ive never heard of starseven. seems strange that sony wouldnt have told us this, there pretty big news.

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The story is too old to be commented.