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VGW: As human beings, we all have a touch of voyeurism. It’s part of why reality television has flourished in the past decade: we all like to see our fellow man in dramatic situations. Even better if one of these people hits a low point, as does almost anyone in A&E’s series of must-watch shows. Catherine is a game that allows players to follow the trials and tribulations of Vincent as he navigates his relationship, much like a reality TV show. In fact, it even begins with a campy Tales from the Crypt-esque beginning segment that feels like a wink and a nod. As we begin to watch his life unravel (and knowing we have a hand in said events), the game strikes an interesting chord within this fascination. Whether or not it ascends to the next level of “totally awesome” or “yet another season of Real Shore Rules,” depends on what you look for in a game.

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