Videos: Black Market Wii knock-off "Vii"

Though Nintendo cracked down hard on this illegal knock-off of it's hit Wii console, apparently some slipped through the cracks. What kind of games does it have? What type of gameplay does it have? Is there a "Vii-mote"? Look no further.

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babyhand4057d ago

I cant believe i watched it.
The WII is ALOT better than that.

ChickeyCantor4057d ago

they are trying to avoid lawsuits by swapping number 1 and 2 with 2 and 1.

awsome =D i really like this concept....TO BURN!

Stray_Wulf4057d ago

dont uhh kill me or anything but.... this kinda looks more fun than the actual Wii Sports.... *hides*

Daurelus174057d ago

1ST it was that plastic ps3 knock off now its the vii..guess the 360 is next prob just call it the "180"

Salvadore4056d ago

I have to give credits to this company for putting in effort on these knock offs.

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