BnBGaming Review: Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard HD (iPad)

Martin Watts for Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming writes:

When Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard was released way back in March this year for the iPhone, it was met with a mostly positive reception by critics. Nevertheless, one of the most common complaints was dissatisfaction with its cluttered interface, which was difficult to use in an effective manner on the iPhone’s small screen. This is no longer the case in Shadow Vanguard HD, as the iPad’s glorious 9.7 inch screen is large enough to incorporate all the touch buttons in a neat and tidy fashion. Given how frequently you rely on using these buttons to issue commands to your squad or to sneakily feed a snake cam underneath a door, this change really makes a massive difference.

But that’s not the main reason why you should buy this game: Shadow Vanguard is quite simply one of the finest first-person shooters on iPad, and it’s also one of the best games available on the App Store. Shadow Vanguard is best described as a curious mélange of old and new: it takes some gameplay elements from more recent Rainbow Six games, but still retains the feel and overall presentation of the games that kickstarted the mega franchise. Shadow Vanguard sports a compelling, first-class singleplayer campaign and console-quality multiplayer modes all in a very presentable package at a very affordable price.

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