Three things that can make Netflix better

Three things that can probably make Netflix better and take over the internet.

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Shmotz2362d ago

Or a better user interface for streaming.

subtenko2362d ago

Make almost all movies available for streaming. Why? because...even if you dont have Netflix.... *cough*...

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ABizzel12362d ago

The streaming selection on netflix sucks, and it pisses me off when they suddenly take things off.

NyGiants72362d ago

They need to bring back the old interface menu thing they had on PS3. Before I cna just look around and browse every genre and now I need to know exactly what I want to watch which is lame.

JoeReno2362d ago

I hate hate hate the new netflix interface. Its limited the choices for most catagorys from 150 down to 75 choices. Fixing that with along with the points made could make Netflix superduper awesome.

TheHardware2362d ago

I can name one thing... "free"

mmike8552362d ago

How about just one thing. A bigger freaking library.

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