Final Fantasy XIII - Japanese/English comparison

Ever wonder what the Japanese voices of Final Fantasy XIII sound like compared to the English ones? Here is a comparison.

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Pozzle2688d ago

Is it weird that I mostly prefer the English voices? I'm not a fan of Vanille's accent (and I'm an Aussie. Go figure) and Lightning's voice is pretty flat, but overall I liked the variety in the English voices and think they all did a pretty good job. Although the script isn't the best. Sometimes it's over-the-top melodramatic, to the point where it's almost funny.

iamtehpwn2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I've played both the English and Japanese versions of the game. Actually, most of the English voice actors do an excellent job, on par or better than the Japanese actors---other than vanille, to which her Japanese voice is MUCH less annoying Japanese.

J86blum2687d ago

When its in Japanese I feel like im waiting for the tenticals to show up. :/

CrescentFang2687d ago

I believe the Asian version has both JP and English... having the option to choose is always nice especially when everyone is happy. I have say that I'm used to the English voices, but I prefer the Japanese one (especially since some the of the dialogue in the game was awkwardly translated...)
At least the acting in English wasn't bad...

I haven't caught up with all the Japanese companies and voice acting, but is there anyone who does a bad job anymore? (I'm talking about the richer, more well known ones, smaller publishers don't count...)

EverydayGuy2687d ago

I like the Japanese song, but the english version sounds better.

MidnytRain2687d ago

Japanese sounds WAY more epic, like at 0:49.

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