EA’s withdrawl suggests 3D is in decline

SG - The news is in: 3D is a dying art before it’s even begun. Electronic Arts — having given the eye-popping technology a fair crack with Crysis 2 – has announced they’re all but done with it, while companies like Sony and Nintendo are doing all they can to shove it as deeply as possible into our very skulls. But with movie 3D sales on the decline, is tri-dimensional gaming on the way out as well?

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Inside_out2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

It's sad that a blatant gimmick like 3D is even still around. Who wants to watch Tv with glasses on and then find out the technology is forcing your eyes to look in 2 different directions, potentially causing catastrophic damage to your eyes...just insane.

It's no surprise...these guys will sell their own mothers for a dollar which is why it's shocking that EA is not on board. THAT more than anything should tell you something up. EA is washing their hands of the whole thing...INCREDIBLE!!!