World's First PlayStation 3 Raid Takes Place In South Africa -- eGamer

The world’s first PlayStation 3 jailbreak raid has taken place in Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa. Details inside.

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slutface2690d ago

Sony doesnt fuck around!

Solid_Snake-2690d ago

microsoft just press a button and disable 1,000,000 consoles. why cant sony do the same.......oh yeh they release a new update every week for jailbreakers to work on.only them selfs to blame.

i hope they let this guy go. he aint stealing my money,he aint shutting down any networks hes just trying to make some money. if he was selling drugs then id say lock him up but this is just modding some kids toys.

mandf2690d ago

I hate thieves. It's not yours don't steal.

Micro_Sony2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I can at least change the avatar on your multi account.

OT:Pirates are lazy people who dont want to work for a living but instead get things the easy way.

mandf2690d ago

i have only one account. End of subject!

Myst2690d ago

Lol comment from the site

"Why am I picturing a platinum trophy popup…"

Prcko2690d ago

Sony is doing everything to secure ps3 masterpiece!!!

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