Why Insomniac Games Wants to Stay Independent (The Cons of Being Acquired)

DeShaun Zollicoffer of Geek Revolt writes:

Today it was announced that Sony acquired Sucker Punch. This is good if you’re a PS3 owner, and great for Sucker Punch, but there are cons to being acquired. When Insomniac decided to go multiplatform almost everyone was confused. Here are a few reasons why they probably wanted to stay independent, and why other studios might pick the same route.

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Inside_out2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

They are still making games exclusively for Sony so what have they lost. Trying to be independent is a nobel goal that only the most delusional fanboys would complain about.

Why shouldn't a dev like Insomniac or Bungie own at least 50% of whatever game they are making??? 100% would be even better.

Look what happen to Media Molecule and sold out looking for a retirement check but now, Sony has passed the development of LBP to someone else. LBP is a launch title for PS thing that will do won't get any of that credit. Now they have to start from ground zero and hope lighting strikes twice...O_o...LBP could of sold millions on all platforms. Just look at the Nintendo Wii and it's 90 million consoles out in the wild. What a bone headed move by MM...I hope their next IP is a hit otherwise...back to Lionhead and beg for their pathetic jobs again.

What about Bizarre Creations??? Happily making games and along comes one of the bigger sharks in the tank, Activision, and they sell out. Where are they now???

The list goes on and on...sure, Bizarre creations can turn around and start another studio and hope they can get some financing but what a waste. Geometry wars alone could of been ported to every IOS and tablet, cell name it and they could of lived happily ever after...there is risk in everything. With studios being shut down everywhere, including Sony shutting down a bunch, I don't see it as a smart move, not when a simple app can make you rich nowadays....look at Popcap. :/ the end of a gen is the worst time to start a new IP. My best wishes go to Insomniac and Bungie on their bold and ballsy adventure...I hope it sells million guys. :)

MysticStrummer2688d ago

MM announced they were moving on from LBP well before the Vita was ever shown. Sony handed LBP to another dev because MM wanted to do something else.

You can ignore the freedom Sony gives their devs all you want, but it's a fact and it makes being bought by them an attractive proposition. I'd take creative freedom and extra technical resources over being forced to downgrade my game to fit on the Wii.

Many people would say the beginning of a gen is the worst time to start a new IP because you want new versions of tested IPs to sell your new console.

HeavenlySnipes2688d ago

Read up on shit before you comment Inside_out. MM CLEARLY said that in a dev conference. They said something about LBP being like an older child that grew up and has to leave lol. They said they had to let it go so they are happy with it being handled by another dev. They then said they are now going to work on a similarly risky IP.

thief2688d ago

"Look what happen to Media Molecule and LBp...they sold out ...MM won't get any of that credit."

Utter BS.

"BP could of sold millions on all platforms. Just look at the Nintendo Wii"
Yes, the same Nintendo who refused to look at anything new or innovative such as LBP and relied on churning out copies of the sme old franchises that they have for a decade

Some comments fromt MM:
“We’re stepping away from LittleBigPlanet to focus on some new ideas.”
“"Loyal sackfolk - please be reassured that we will always be involved with LBP”
"Sony stuck by Media Molecule when most other publishers would have cut their losses and walked away....Making a project that has a very long service tail requires a lot of support, and Sony were really behind that...they were good at being very hands-off in the early stages"

In fact, I applaud MM for having the courage to try a new IP rather than milking LBP and churning out the same, copy paste, generic trash the way Bungie did with the Halo franchise.

_Aarix_2688d ago

Well to be honest, halo is a great franchise that millions of fans love. Halo wasn't close to being generic as call of duty and they don't release games every year. Let me add the fact the their still good (except for reach, it didnt have that halo feel to it).

TreMillz2688d ago

LBP could of sold millions across all platforms? Wtf Didn't Microsoft and Nintendo turn down LBP? Not so sure on Ninty but MS was approached first because of the guys coming from Lionhead

Keith Olbermann2688d ago

@ inside_out "Look what happen to Media Molecule and sold out looking for a retirement check but now, Sony has passed the development of LBP to someone else. LBP is a launch title for PS thing that will do won't get any of that credit."

You must be an "insider" dude. You should be making predictions like Pachter.

Beast_Master2688d ago

I am so tired of these blind fanboy rants. First of all Insomniac has had a few titles that had low sales. If they had been published by anyone other than Sony they would have had to close their studio, so this idea that Insomniac is being held down by Sony is absurd. They get paid to make the game by Sony, then if the game doesn't sell well they don't take their money back or withhold bonuses that is a huge advantage over studios like Raven, Ninja Theory etc. Now this new IP comes with high risk/high reward, they will actually make money off of the profits and own the IP, so now if the game doesn't sell well this 3rd studio will have to either close or cut alot of staff. while the other 2 Sony exclusive studio's are fat and healthy.

Insomniac still has 2 studios developing Sony IP because it is a safer business model then being a full indepenent, so can we please stop this bleeding heart campaign for Insomniac's "Independence". I promise you if Insomniac's games do not sell well through their 3rd party developers they will just close their 3rd studio and keep doing the deal they have with sony.

TBM2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

@inside out

first id like to say your an complete nutter, and not the brightest blub in the pack. like others here have said MM said they are moving away from the LBP series to creative a new IP all the while still supporting the series.

as for this article i think the writer has it completely backwards the only company out of the big 3 how gives their studios creative freedom is Sony, and with that comes resources to create whatever type of game they want.

i know nintendo can be creative but they need to step out of the comfort zone/bubble to try and do something new and fresh instead of falling back on n the same old franchises year in, and year out. come on nintendo i know you have it in you give us something new, and fresh.

as for microsoft you'll never get creative freedom from them because all they see is $$$$$$$$$$$$, and if said IP isnt going to give them $$$$$$$$ you might as well kiss your chances of doing something new, and fresh period. look what they did to Rare they are stuck forced into making casual as crappy games for a goddamn camera all because their fans drank the kool aid and believed they were getting something that was out of this world when its been done before. so in closing on microsoft i expect nothing from them except the same 3 franchises that started on xbox 1 all those years ago. i wonder how Peter M feels now since he's been stuck making fable for the last what 10 years or so?

also like some up top said both M$ and Nintendo passed on LBP because they were scared to take the risk, same goes for Heavy Rain too. only Sony saw the potential in these titles.

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theonlylolking2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I would never go with any other company but sony. Why?

Activision is evil.
EA is unpredictable.
M$ hates innovation and only goes with easy $$$ opportunities.

THQ is just low quality.
Capcom forces you to take out stuff from your game and bring them as DLC.
I dont really like namco

nintendo also hates innovative games. They like innovative ways to play the games but not innovative games. Nintendo also dislikes new ips.

Rockstar overworks their employees
Bethesda I just dont want to be apart of their published games.

I cant believe I forgot about valve! I would not mind them either.

user83971442688d ago

I would love to work with Sony Santa Monica. But I would also like valve or Insomniac.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

You can take risks with Sony, unlike other Publishers. You have more freedom with Sony.

An Example, David Cage with Heavy Rain:
''The relationship on Heavy Rain has been fantastic. They trusted us from day one, supported us all the way through. It was really a very risky project [for them] and they never let us down.''

Heavy Rain turns to be successful.

qwertyz2688d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


Its not that MS doesn't like innovation, its that they have crappy devs ala silicon knights, lionhead and rare

perfect dark and banjo kazooie are good IPs BUT in the wrong hands. perfect dark zero and banjo kazooie nuts and bolts failed HARD

fable was was good, but lionhead has gone down hill

MS invested in too human but silicon knights are not talented thats the reason two human failed.

remedy is good but alan wake didn't sell very well because MS stupidly put the release date close to red dead redemption. I heard that remedy is working on another alan wake but I'm sure its for the nextbox that would launch in late 2012

Crackdown and shadowrun are also IPSs that failed because the right talent weren't behind the game. MS has tried new IPS just haven't gotten the right talent to work on them that's all. lost odyessy, killer instinct and kameo are also latent IPs that MS needs to revive but they need to create new studios to do this as rare is literally dead.

Turn 10 isn't too bad, forza 4 is shaping up to be a good game and forza 3 was fun. The only studio MS is putting enough talent into is 343i which has developers that worked on MGS, killzone, metroid prime and some ex bungie employee.

MS has IPs but are just investing in a few(halo and forza). nintendo on the other hand still doesn't have a racing simulator. they have been recycling the same IPs for 25 years now without trying anything new

MS doesn't like taking too many risks. the reason they are investing in kinect is because kinect is bringing in money.

Micorsoft also has the azurik IP from xbox 1 which can be revived using proper devs. Like I said before MS has the IPs just not using them

list of IPs owned by MS

1.Alan wake
3.Lost odyessy
6.Banjo kazooie
7.Jade empire
8.Prefect dark
10.Killer instinct
11.Project gotham racing
12.Too human
13.Crimson skies
14.Blue dragon(although they let nintendo have a piece)
17. fable

they need to buy mistwalker, remedy and invest in new first party studios to develop these IPS. lionhead needs to be ditched because fable has so much potential its just in the wrong hands same with most of the IPs listed above(some of them are just dead and its sad)

KMCROC2688d ago

Would be cool if they started using some of those IP with some new creative people & use them as launch titles for the next Xbox .

C0MPUT3R2687d ago

Microsoft doesn't own the Alan Wake IP. Remedy does.

C0MPUT3R2687d ago

1. Alan Wake - They don't own.
2. Azurik - last entry in the series 2001 = DEAD IP.
3. Lost Odyssey - Made by Mist Walker who is no longer working with MS The Last Story made by Mist Walker is for the Wii.
4. Crackdown - Sequel was disappointing.
5. Shadowrun - made by FASA Studio now closed.
6. Banjo Kazooie - Rare, no longer making these kind of games.
7. Jade Empire - The IP is owned by Bioware not MS.
8. Perfect Dark - Rare no longer makes these kind of games.
9. Kameo - Rare no longer makes these kind of games.
10. Killer Instinct - Rare no longer makes these kind of games.
11. Project Gotham Racing - made by Bizarre Creations studio is now closed.
12. Too Human - Was slated to be a Trilogy the first game bombed haven't heard anything since = Dead IP.
13. Crimson Skies - made by FASA studio. Now closed.
14. Blue Dragon - Made by Mist Walker, sales underwhelmed = Dead IP. Also again Mist Walker last title The Last Story is out on the Wii.
15. HALO - Created and Made by Bungie which are no longer with MS. Now being made by 343 Industries with no previous release history.
16. Forza - Made by Turn 10. GOOD IP.
17. FABLE - Made by Lionhead and the franchise seems to be getting worse with every release with FABLE 4 being a KINECT Title.

WhiteLightning2688d ago

The article talks about freedom alot but dosen't Sony offer a lot of freedom with their First Party Studios, I don't think ND would of been able to make an amazing game like U2 if Sony was too strict. I don't really see how theres a con with Sony, I think theres more pro's then cons

Why o why2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The last guardian springs to mind. Sony seem more prepared to take risks and allow more creative power to the devs. It doesn't always work out but it does more often than not. We're the beneficiaries when it does go right. Take your time devs.....other devs's games fill those voids. Win win for the gamers.

Good luck to insomniac and most of us will still support your games. Nobody should begrudge your decision.

Ares842688d ago

Exactly, all you need to do is look at exclusive games from each company and it will be clear as day which company gives developers the most freedom.

I give you a hint; it's not Nintendo nor it is Microsoft.

Dart892688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Ahhh i know the answer it's Activision xDDD.I know it's not a company.

Am i right what do i win??:D

Edit:As long as i keep getting Resistance im good.
Hope Insomniac the best.

C0MPUT3R2687d ago

When with Sony it really is the best of both worlds. You get the money and resources of a big corporation while at the same time Sony gets out of the way and allows for creative freedom.
SONY knows how to manage talent. Just like with their Movie & Music business, they get out of the way and allow them to create.

HellzAssassin2688d ago

Go Insomniac! I respect your decision, and as long as you're still making great games for Sony and/or any other company, I'll support you guys! Resistance 3!! \m/

Agent_hitman2688d ago

Insomniac game is still great 2nd party dev for sony platform... I still believe that they're will remain loyal 4ever, cause sony supported them financially

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