New Batman: Arkham City Art Featured on X360 and PLAY UK gaming publications PLAY and X360 both feature new Batman: Arkham City art pieces on the front cover.

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Pozzle2517d ago

Woah. The Joker really got into the hair gel in this game.

2517d ago
Mr Sadistic2517d ago

Bubbles for tha lulz. Ya he did, sigh Im gonna be broke ass hell this holiday. UC3, GEARS 3, SKYRIM, BF3, RAGE, HCE, SR3, TWISTED METAL, my god I dont want to name anymore. Wallet not full enough.

( Sigh, looks at wifes wedding ring thoughts of pawn. Is gaming worth tha punishment..... hecks ya.) LOL.

2517d ago
zero_cool2514d ago

Batman needs some of his batastic collection of vehicles in the batman arkham city game like these below...