Ready Up » Driver: San Francisco Preview

Ready Up staff writer Emily Knox gets behind the wheel of Driver: San Francisco - taking the new 'Shift' feature for a spin as well as the different multiplayer game modes, all within the city streets of modern day San Francisco. What were her impressions of it?

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ThatGiloFella2695d ago

Always love Ready Up's articles, and Emily is one of their best. Great stuff -- keep it up!

kirstenkearney2695d ago

I've really missed Driver. Glad the series is back and it looks like it's with a vengeance!

foxus2695d ago

I'm really looking forward to this, I'm desperate to see how they've portrayed the sites of SF.

EazyC2695d ago

lol at the avatars of the 3 people above me.

Uhh...Mine is real too!