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Cpt_kitten2541d ago

Half life 3 or don't care

Coffin872540d ago

I might add to that..
Screenshots or it didn't happen.

GrumpyVeteran2541d ago

It's Half-Life 3. I know it. I can feel it in my balls.

M4I0N32541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

are you guys sure you dont have testicular cancer?

Getowned2541d ago

Gator don't play no shit you feel me ? Gator never been about playin no shit!! Gator wants to play a new half-life game!! Gator needs his gravity gat back B*tc#!!!

M4I0N32540d ago

rofl, im surprised your the only one who realised my joke :P

T-K47x2541d ago

You know that HL3 will involve portal somehow..

Getowned2541d ago

yup lol aperture science any way half-life 3 is gonna be sweet!

WhiteLightning2541d ago

I hope it's HL3, I'm expecting to be blown away with that game. I hope they havent added co-op or multiplayer into it like how they added co-op into Portal 2 saying that gamers want to be "social connected" when not all of us do. I'd rather have a longer single player HL game then one with tacked on co-op or one which has cut the script on the HL story just to add a co-op campaign....Portal 2 was ok since it worked but it wouldn't work in HL.

Saladfax2540d ago

Ever played the Synergy mod? Works pretty well, but obviously the best experience for HL2 is alone. Keeps the atmosphere.

And HL2 did have multiplayer, or did you forget about deathmatch? I guess it wasn't something supremely overstated. I never played it much, but I know a fella who played it competitively.

But I do kind of see what you're saying. Other big FPS franchises have been very big on pushing multiplayer far about single, and I doubt anyone wants to see Half-Life head down that path.

WhiteLightning2540d ago

Yeah but they did deathmatch seperate from HL2, kind of like how they should of done it with portal 2, to be honest with the new Portal DLC being another co-op campaign they should of just added co-op as DLC, least then we would of gotten a longer single player maybe with advanced chambers, time trails and challenge maps.

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The story is too old to be commented.