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Submitted by RaidensRising 1651d ago | news

Kojima: I'm working on a "project" after hiatus

Kojima Productions front man Hideo Kojima has said he's back to work on a project after a hiatus. (3DS, Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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RaidensRising  +   1651d ago
Something to do with the new KP game engine no doubt.
evrfighter  +   1651d ago
In other words "im going on hiatus cuz I ran out of metal gear ideas".
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1651d ago
no bubbles for u anymore, sir
MaxXAttaxX  +   1651d ago
Don't you have any PC games you should be playing?
M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L  +   1651d ago
Yes, because the MGS franchise is the only series Kojima is good with. You know, I heard the PC has so many games and yet the usual suspects troll on a daily basis.
I_find_it_funny  +   1651d ago
I find it hard to be excited about Kojima games now
DaTruth  +   1651d ago
Everfighter's PC is such a beefed up rig that he can play mediocre multiplats with 32AA at 1600p while trolling several websites at the same time!

That's what you call multitasking!
sinclaircrown  +   1651d ago
Probably more like "I'm going on hiatus coz I want a nice long break... and I deserve it"

I'd welcome more MGS, and I'd welcoem something brand new.
SuicideShaun  +   1651d ago
ITT: butthurt console kids who actually defend a single developer.
specialguest  +   1651d ago
Maybe he was on hiatus due to the earthquake and tsunami which was one of the worse national disaster in Japan. In times of crisis, work isn't everything and spending off time with family and reflecting on life is more important.
BattleAxe  +   1651d ago
evrfighter doesn't even own a gaming PC, he trolls N4G and plays Angry Birds on his iPad.
zerocrossing  +   1651d ago
I would love to see a new IP from Kojima, Z.O.E 3 would be great too. I heard he wanted to start work on it after MGS-PW =)

Id like to see the reply in Japanese text, These translations are always getting things wrong.
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Etseix  +   1651d ago
i still dont see the dream game for Vita he was talking about :I
zerocrossing  +   1651d ago
Im not sure I've heard about that dream game :/ Well in the end Kojima is a dev like any other, So he's only able to make what Konami are willing to allow him too, or at least that's how I assume it works. Didn't he also mention some "secret adventure game" that if it flopped he would quit the dev business?.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1651d ago

Kojima is almost CEO of Konami, so i think that whatever he would want to make, Konami would back him up
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zerocrossing  +   1651d ago

I agree that Kojima is in a position to make some pretty big calls, But last I heard he was having trouble finding anyone who was willing to back him with his new secret IP.

Its a shame if it never comes to be, as much as I love MGS and Z.O.E I know Kojima has so much more he wants show us.
DaTruth  +   1651d ago
CEO is almost meaningless nowadays! It just means you are the top hoe to the shareholder pimp! They will force you to do what will make money in the short term even if it will destroy your company in the long term!

They'll just sell, pack up and move on to pillaging the next company and putting its workers out of jobs!
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Nate-Dog  +   1651d ago
He's hardly been on a break, he's been working on the Fox Engine for a long time clearly and is probably already developing whatever his title for the NGP is.
lochdoun  +   1651d ago
ZOE 3 would be great.
The Great Melon  +   1651d ago
As everyone else said, ZOE 3 or a new IP would be great. Even though MGS is fantastic, I would love to see the next great franchise that you create.
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showtimefolks  +   1651d ago
he said he could see ZOE3
down the road now now in his interview not long ago. and I think ZOE HD remake is a test to see where the franchise stands(so if you want the 3rd but the hd remake)

i think we all know its gonna be another MGS title just because its his franchise kojima is to mgs what mgs to kojima if that makes any sense
Sorrow24  +   1651d ago
I've never played any ZOE games. But after I play through the MGS collection, I'll pick it up just to support him.
nanometric  +   1650d ago
Well, you will have your chance, Kojima announced ZOE 1 & 2 remake for ps3 a while ago. So pick it up when it ships, as will I ;)
JohnMarston  +   1651d ago
MGS5 for PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PSP, DS, and Iphone.
Ares90  +   1651d ago
The franchise ended perfectly with MGS4. I don't see a sequel after that.
NeutralGamer  +   1651d ago
I am pretty sure we will see a MGS 5 someday...

Remember when Peace Walker was originally suposed to be MGS 5, but they scrapped the "5", because it was not of epic proportions enough to be a numbered title in the MGS series?
ZBlacktt  +   1650d ago
If you know the series. Then you know it's not in order of the release dates. Number 3 would be number 1 as you play Snakes father Big Boss. So we could jump back in at anytime and place. The game could live on forever.
Ares90  +   1650d ago
@NeutralGamer and ZBlacktt

You are right, I was referring to the end of MGS (the story). I mean, what would happen after MGS4, Snake is supposed to die, and I don't see more enemies.
We can get a new MGS game after Rising but not as game that starts after the events of MGS4. That's what I meant :D
Blasphemy  +   1651d ago
I want to see MGS 5 on PS4 with the Fox Engine! :)
FEARprototype  +   1651d ago
ok Kojima ...either make something or don't! stop teasing us!
FitzgeraldRonnie   1651d ago | Spam
Ethereal  +   1651d ago
Jocosta  +   1651d ago
How about making a "game"?
zero_cool  +   1651d ago
Please be a game like snatcher running on the fox engine!

Snatcher Intro (Sega CD):
PirateThom  +   1651d ago
He was tweeting about Ultravox earlier... Midge Ure 2D platformer, plz.
Pintheshadows  +   1651d ago
It'll be eccentric. Which is good.
thrashermario  +   1651d ago
rezzah  +   1651d ago
How old are you?

thrashermario  +   1650d ago
rezzah  +   1650d ago
older than me... hope your comment was a joke. You should realise that people work hard and do need a break once in a while. Especially if you think about it, Kojima is a passionate person about his line of work. Meaning he is likely to work harder than many.

Slaving away forever doesn't bring results.
qwertyz  +   1651d ago

it would be multiplat no doubt. His new fox engine is multiplatform remember ? and the metal gear solid hd collection AND the zone of the enders HD collection are being released for both ps3 AND 360. he was NEVER really a playstation exclusive dev anyways. remember he release MGS on both xbox 1 and gamecube ? EXACTLY.

It seems like he's gone fulling multiplatform now. castlevania lords of shadow was a multiplat remember ? sony would have to pay him to get MGS5 to be exclusive and last I checked sony doesn't buy exclusivity.

I doubt he cares if you consider him a sellout or not. He'll make more money making multiplatforms so why should he limit his success because of a bunch of ps3 fanboys ?

I'm hoping his next game comes to pc and uses some of the power available on pc to make a title thats far superior to the console counterpart(as it SHOULD be). PC FTW!!! hope the follow dice and make pc the lead plafform and downscale later to crappy consoles.
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ZBlacktt  +   1650d ago
Can't really be a sell out when he is his own company. He has made games for other platforms forever. This must be something new to some of you. He makes video games for video gamers. Not console manufactures. We should all really get passed that and hope we all see MGS5.
xer0  +   1651d ago
There's something fishy going on...

First he cancels showing up at E3 and tweets about a secret project going to waste.

Now he's working on a secret project.
Could it be a PS4 project for launch in 2012/2013?

Blasphemy  +   1651d ago
Well maybe he didn't have anything to show at E3 that's probably why he didn't show?
Micro_Sony  +   1651d ago
"Could it be a PS4 project for launch in 2012/2013"

I think he stated that all future games will be Multi-plat hence the reason for developing the Fox Engine.

I think the only way Sony can make any Konami game exclusive or MGS5 is if they pay Konami allot of money.

Going multi-play is the most logical reason financial wise. Kojimas name alone will sell games to both PS3 and 369 fans.
xer0  +   1650d ago
I haven't mentioned exclusives... but now we're on the subject, there is such as thing timed-exclusivity, as Microsoft has clearly done... time and time again this generation.
alousow  +   1651d ago
i dont know why everybody on this guy dick he is just a developer like any other developer
Blasphemy  +   1651d ago
Uh, I guess you have not played Metal Gear Solid 4?
Imalwaysright  +   1651d ago
He made my favorite game ever so i strongly disagree with you!
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1651d ago
I've spent a half a year's time playing his games over my lifetime. That's longer than most of my intimate relationships.
Sorrow24  +   1651d ago
He created the MGS series, which is my favorite ever. Also, I'm not on his dick.
And what about all the people who say Miyamoto is God? Do you troll them too?
zero_cool  +   1651d ago
Possibly zoe 3?
Silly gameAr  +   1651d ago
I think Kojima needed a break. I hope he enjoyed the spoils of his hard work, whatever they may be.
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Sorrow24  +   1651d ago
A pool filled with sake and hot Asian women? And respect from the whole video game industry too. =]
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Hyperbomb69  +   1651d ago
I hope its a PS3 exclusive.
Sorrow24  +   1651d ago
I wouldn't mind it Not being a ps3 exclusive. Knowing him he would push the ps3 more than other multiplatformers.
bligmerk  +   1651d ago
He showed the new Fox engine and said he was working on a new project at E3 before taking his break. Seriously, some of the comments above are with ignorance of the Fox engine teaser shown during his last interview:
SuicideShaun  +   1651d ago

Implying no one else helps him. lold so hard.
wh0am1  +   1651d ago
maybe Kojima is burned out!!!!!
Janitor  +   1651d ago
This guy gets on my nerves. He takes a shit and fanboys check the turds for clues on the next Metal Gear. He should just direct movies, MGS4 was a long boring movie with gaming cutscenes sprinkled in.

I eat disagrees for breakfast
#23 (Edited 1651d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Sorrow24  +   1651d ago
I like my college janitor better...
Janitor  +   1651d ago
I'd mop the floor with him.

gumgum99  +   1651d ago
gumgum99  +   1651d ago
Whatever Kojima-san makes, I hope its Solid. *zing*

Edit: didn't realize you already said that, user above me.
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J86blum  +   1651d ago
Metal Gear Solid 6...please.
Maybe find a way for Snake to reverse the aging thing..and cooked face thing?
Make it more "open", but with options to be sneaky or action.
Less 45min cutscenes and more game play. thats all.
Oh.. and BRING the Hairless Monkey Back.
zero_cool  +   1651d ago
There needs to be a metal gear solid 5 first in order for there to be a metal gear solid 6 but i agree with the next metal gear solid game needing deeper multi path gameplay mechanics,shorter cut scenes & a longer single player experience.They should take the best gameplay mechanics & features from all the metal gear solid games & successfully combine them into the next metal gear solid game.
#26 (Edited 1651d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
J86blum  +   1651d ago
Yeah sorry about that, i was kinda counting rising as 6
earbus  +   1650d ago
He should quit games they are all crap.
Snowii  +   1650d ago
shaodws of the damned sucked ass

im sorry but a weird small mapped un original game is just shit
BIGBOSS08  +   1650d ago
kojima is awesome but it looks like hes really been slacking recently. every article is him talking about his next project. is he ever gonna actually release something?
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