Third party sales crucial to Nintendo, says Merceron

Eidos CTO believes that if third party titles don't sell well, Wii support will drop.

Eidos' chief technology officer, Julien Merceron, has told that he believes this Christmas could prove crucial to the long term success of Nintendo's Wii platform.

According to Merceron if third party titles don't sell well it will lead to a dive in the support for the console.

"Either third party developers and publishers will make money on the Wii platform, or they won't - and if most of them don't I think we'll see a big drop in support for the Wii next year, which could have some consequences for Nintendo, and very positive ones for Microsoft and Sony," he said.

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BrotherNick4057d ago

I think what would help nintendo sell 3rd party games is to make sure they get airtime...they are making so much money they should help advertising for the good games that are out for the wii...not just any games though. I'm feeling really disheartened that no one is getting Zack & Wiki right now, which they could have used as better proof that wii 3rd party games can be great fun (according to vgchartz it's only sold 44K).

PS360WII4057d ago

Yea marketing would be nice but they probably feel that marketing is up the the makers of the game. What 3rd parties need to do is take the jump and make a game game for a Nintendo console. Something 3rd parties haven't done since N64 launched.

As far as Zack & Wiki (which is a great game) Capcom probably doesn't care to much about the game seeing it will sell eventually. They are probably already happy with how well RE4 is doing and are thinking the main sales will be with MH3. From what I heard from Kaz interview PSP is getting MH2G not MH3 as well so, so far it's still Wii exclusive.

IntelligentAj4057d ago

Newsflash!!!Who doesn't already know this basic principle? With no 3rd party support the console will slow down and that profit margin will start to shrink.

ItsDubC4057d ago

Given that this is one of those "no duh" articles, the simple fact that this article even exists I think suggests that Nintendo has, in the past, been at least somewhat successful *without* great 3rd-party sales.