id Software: People have 'modern combat fatigue' writes "id Software creative director Tim Willits has said he would be "shocked" if hardcore fans of the company didn't like RAGE, its first new game since 2004's DOOM 3, and that gamers are suffering from "modern combat fatigue" at the moment. "

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Inside_out2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

...and if your are going to comment, then talk about your game and it's obviously are clueless to what's taking place in the market place maybe it's because...

" first new game since 2004's DOOM 3 "...

...that my friend is to long an interval for releasing games. I know you guys " invented " the FPS genre, that usually the first thing out of your mouth, but things change and the fps's genre has changed as well if you would of put a game out in the last 7 YEARS, you might have notice. :o

Rage looks great, but I believe Borderlands might of stolen that demographic. Sure, there is room for both game to survive but don't compare your game to COD. The COD elite beta will have more takers than maybe your whole game in terms of sales.

I like Rage and see it a as a day one buy but between Willits and over achiever John C, who can listen to these guys. Talk about your game and convince people to buy it. Leave the other very successful games be. :)

Cpt_kitten2693d ago

hey, rather have them take there time making an awesome game then rushing to make a horrible game

its true though i was sick of modern warfare situations after call of duty 4, had already played my share on battlefield 2 MC

but post apocalypse is already annoying, everything is alwas various shades of brown, loved Fallout 3 and Borderlands but they could at least used some more color, Borderlands art style was amazing

MidnytRain2693d ago

I don't think Fallout 3 would've looked right with flashy/bold colors.

evrfighter2693d ago

Fun fact

modern combat era was kicked off by a mod of battlefield 1942 known as desert combat. These guys went on to create the game Frontline: Fuel Of War, then Homefront.

Battlefield 2 was loosely based on this mod though im sure Kaos wont get their due credit by Dice. Cod4 followed 2 years later with a lot of "borrowed" elements of bf2 including ranks, unlocks, major statistics, and a revamped system that made everyone a commander with killstreaks.

Cpt_kitten2693d ago

that's true and for that game its fine but every PA game that followed is brown as well

yeah i knew all that but i played BF2 almost non-stop therefore i played my share with it there
did have 1942 with all the expansion, but i was pretty bad being on a computer and though i didn't like frontlines, Homefront was really well written and i highly enjoyed it

just for some reason a lot of people think MC situations started with call of duty of course

MidnytRain2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Well, it's true. You hear plenty of people on N4G talk about how they're sick of modern shooters. As for the seven-year gap, it makes sense. As the creators of the FPS, they need to make sure their idea/game is awesome enough to meet expectations.

I_find_it_funny2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

what fatigue? I wasn't this excited about new modern shooter game since Bad Company 2 beta :)

MysticStrummer2693d ago

I think iD is underestimating the number of casual shooter fans that will buy MW3. They don't care about variety. They don't care about creativity. They care about arcade action that lets them pretend to be a super soldier in a real world setting, no matter how unrealistic the gameplay is.

Redgehammer2693d ago

Rage is my most anticipated FPS (outside anything Half LIfe), and I look forward to exploring the world and meeting all of the characters in the game.

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