GameSpot - Bringing Back Classes in the Resistance 3 Beta

GameSpot - If you were a fan of the delightful class-based co-op in Resistance 2, then you were likely a little heartbroken to learn that Insomniac wouldn't be bringing that mode over to Resistance 3. Well, don't get too carried away with all that sorrow. If there's one thing we've learned from the Resistance 3 beta, it's that there's still plenty of room to carve out your own personalized role on the battlefield.

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-Mezzo-2667d ago

Cannot wait to get into the Beta on August 4th, 1 of the top 3 games i am excited about.

Corepred42667d ago

i was excited for the beta too. until i read this and heard that anything from R2 was coming to R3. I love R:FoM and absolutely hated R2. I would be happier if they copied and pasted the multiplayer from the first and just upgraded it. and left r2 single player completely out. = /

thief2667d ago

Thats whaat they seem to be doing.
I just wish though that they would take competitive, single-player from R1 and keep the 8-player class-based coop from R2

liore2667d ago

beta is good but every game there is so much lag but i got used to it after a week of playing

MidnytRain2667d ago

I haven't experienced much lag, but freezing problems get me killed sometimes. Also, those leapers can be a real pain after coming out of a fire fight. When they attack, they jump past you, so have to keep spinning around if they get too close. Spinning around in circles while firing your gun will often give away your position.

liore2667d ago

ya the freezes are very annoying hopefully there will be a patch soon

ps3alldayeveryday2667d ago

Beta is incredibly fun, I already maxed out on the level cap of 20 the same day I downloaded it. :)

Tikicobra2667d ago

Did classes ever go away?

Sevir042667d ago

Sound pretty interesting! Is like to take the multiplayer for a spin, but I can wait the month till release. My ps3's been dead for the longest. Since infamous 2 came out. I plan on getting a new one this Sept. :-) cannot miss this game. Love Insomniac!

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