RAGE to feature lengthy campaign

Msxbox-world got some hands on time with the solo campaign at Bethesda's offices in London. They have spilled the beans on the solo campaign length.

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blumatt2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I just hope lengthy doesn't mean 5-6 hours. lol Click "agree" if you want more Single Player games with long quality campaigns. I want at least 10 hours. I'm tired of games coming out that focus on the multiplayer and have a half-ass single player.

Either way, this game is shaping up to be a great looking game. If I have the extra money, I may pick it up.

Ok. lol 20-25 hours or more, then. That would be even better. I miss the days of playing Final Fantasy 8 on the PS1 and logging in like 100+ hours. Of course, that's par for the course for an RPG.

Cpt_kitten2689d ago

10 hours? thats just as short as 5

make them 20-25 minimum i hate being able to be games in one sitting unless there lengthy games that are super addicting like heavy rain

MaxXAttaxX2688d ago

That really depends on the replay value.

xPhearR3dx2689d ago

No way. I played the game for close to 3 hours and barely scratched the surface.

lMHl2689d ago

holdens suck by the way "disagree" if you agree

blumatt2688d ago

It's not the Holden Monaro. It's a pic of the US version: the Pontiac GTO. I'm about to buy one.

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vishant1012689d ago

We are actually seeing lengthy games this year rage looks long, skyrim is probably longer than all the games out this year put together and gears 3 is said to be longer than the previous two put together.

J86blum2689d ago

20 hours for the main story alone, and not counting the side missions or co-op. WOW. I think I'll pick this up.

StarWolf2689d ago

Im picking this up I guess. But first, I want to know if its actually challenging. There is no fun in an easy 20 hour game. So please no red barrels in front of a group of guys. Also, hopefully its not a Linear campaign.

DaReapa2689d ago

"I want to know if its actually challenging. There is no fun in an easy 20 hour game."
AC:Brotherhood instantly came to mind when I read those lines.

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