Has Snowblind alienated Lord of the Rings fans in the UK?

The movies are rated PG and 12 whereas Snowblind Studio's forthcoming video game has a rated 18 pending in the UK. Will under-age gamers be missing out or playing this latest LOTR game?

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jdfoster002692d ago

No. Age ratings never get in the away of people playing M rated games. I mean look at Call of Duty... More 10 year olds play that than anyone else ....

arjman2692d ago

I hope they don't mess this up.

This seems to be a last hurrah for a Lord of the Rings RPG (not counting LOTRO), a reboot of sorts.

Fingers are crossed...

andron2692d ago

Haven't there been several Lotr games for the younger people already? I think this game will do well, it will probably get the more hack and slash interested gamers interested too...