Rare: Kinect potential limitless, upcoming innovations will “blow us away”

According to Rare’s Scott Henson, Kinect’s perceived limitations are “self-imposed”, and there’s no type of game you couldn’t make for it. There are also plenty of innovations in the works that will “blow us away,” he says.

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MrSpace2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

They say that as Microsoft holds a knife to their ear

nickjkl2692d ago


you know before this i had a little bit of hope in kinect it had some ability somewhere to do something a little different than whats its already doing

but dont state to me its potential is limitless as in infinite as in has no boarders when it clearly has major borders

egidem2692d ago

In terms of what you can do with it, Kinect has LIMITLESS possibilities. Just look at the PC hacks that have been done.

The problem is Microsoft doesn't know what to do with it. The novelty is awesome...being able to control the onscreen events like a Jedi master would be super cool. In practice, the idea doesn't roll so smoothly.

In terms of Kinect's application in today's gaming, it is sort of limited. There is really not a whole lot you can do with Kinect to improve a game to such levels that a traditional controller wouldn't be necessary; which defeats the purpose of 'No controller required' or 'You are the controller'. I would say it is there more as a way to enhance gameplay.

For example Mass Effect 3 will give you the option of speaking out the dialogue options. It's a nice feature, but I don't see it as an improvement if I could easily (and quickly) do the same thing with a button. I guarantee you that people WILL get bored/tired of speaking the dialogues.

Let's just hope that Microsoft gets off their asses and actually do something with this device!

jriquelme_paraguay2692d ago

why i want a game that blow me away?
i want play

dcbronco2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Saying it's limitless is going a little overboard. But the fact that the key to Kinect is the software means it will continue to develop as it's fed more power. Leaving the processing in the console was a smart move because it means you can plan for the needed power in future consoles. With improvements to the software it will allow for far more than it can do now. The main limitations will be what people can com up with. Most people are kinda short sighted. So to many it doesn't have much potential. But those same people will say the same thing about the Wii-U controller.

I believe releasing Kinect in this generations was about selling more 360's. Next generation it will be about innovation.

Huarle2692d ago

All we hear is big talk but I have yet to see their innovative games

Anon19742692d ago

Yeah, it's hard to take these type of comments seriously when all we've seen is rehashes of the type of games - and gameplay - we saw on the Wii years before Kinect was released. I still don't know why people would pay for a 360 and the price of a Kinect to essentially play a Wii-Sports type game when the Wii's cheaper and has better games for the family like Mario Galaxy or Mario Kart. Kinect has nothing that can even touch the caliber of those titles - and nothing in the pipeline either from what we can see.

Show us the games, then we'll believe you.

BlueTemplar2692d ago

Yeah yeah limitless potential, blah blah blah

BlueTemplar2692d ago

why the disagrees - surely at some point they need to stop TELLING us how great kinect is and actually SHOW us instead?

bebojet2692d ago

We'll probably see these "innovative games" on E3 2013.

Mario4life2692d ago

i think it has potential, but its just a lack of good software and maybe have a little better tracking which could easily added through software

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