Get Madden NFL 12 Early: 3 days before release date

Product-Reviews writes: Now that we have entered August it means that Madden NFL 12 is less than one month from its release date, if you’re a member of EA Sports Season Ticket you will be glad to know this is the first game getting early access (three days before the official release date).

Three days after you access the Madden NFL 12 download you’ll get to keep all achievements by moving them to your full retail copy. Do you like the idea of playing full EA games before their official release date?

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danswayuk2691d ago

If you love EA and play a lot of their games, getting the download three days early is great. The fact is, a lot of people do not like EA.

beastgamer2691d ago

yes, now my friends would be hating on my madden skills

Simco8762691d ago

25 bucks for 3 days access and some other bs perks? Not worth it at all.

DNAbro2691d ago

Seems kind of pointless.

2691d ago