Sony: PS3 exclusives strategy led to Sucker Punch buyout

MSNBC - It seems Sony is quite pleased with the work development studio Sucker Punch did with its recently launched "inFamous 2" game for the PlayStation 3. Pleased enough, in fact, Sony has bought the company outright.

Sony Computer Entertainment just announced that it acquired Sucker Punch Productions — the developer behind both "inFamous" and "inFamous 2" as well as the Sly Cooper games. The acquisition makes Sucker Punch the 16th internally-owned studio at SCE's Worldwide Studios.

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Dart892689d ago

Score another studio for Sony.

-Mezzo-2689d ago

Agreed, I don't understand why the Competition doesn't try and acquire Studios like "Sony" does.

inFAMOUS 3 Now. =]

LOGICWINS2689d ago

"Agreed, I don't understand why the Competition doesn't try and acquire Studios like "Sony" does."

Probably because most console gamers play multiplatform games and "the competition" wants to market the games that most people play.

gaden_malak2689d ago

The competition *should* want exclusives so the consumers have a reason to buy their console and games.

Tommykrem2689d ago

It's probably a really, given that the number of third party exclusives at the moment seems to be on the decline. Sony should probably have acquired even more developers when they were in pole position with PS2, seeing that they lost a good bunch of previously exclusive third party games to 360 in the first phase of the current generation. But what's done is done, and this is probably a good move by Sony. Definitely a great studio.

BitbyDeath2689d ago

@Logic, Considering most console gamers are on the Wii then i'd have to say you are wrong. Exclusives are what get played more with titles like Wii Fit and Wii Sports sitting right at the top.

LOGICWINS2689d ago

"Exclusives are what get played more with titles like Wii Fit and Wii Sports sitting right at the top."

I said PLAY not buy. More people may have Wii Fit and Wii Sports in their homes but I can guarantee you that more people are "playing" Call of Duty: Black Ops, MW2, and COD4 than both these games combined.

Re-read my comment.

dredgewalker2689d ago


If all games on consoles become multiplats then it's gonna be the death of them. I only play mulitplat games on my pc and play exclusives on my console.

BitbyDeath2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )


Most PS3 owners i know only have 1 or 2 multiplatform games and the rest are all exclusives and Nintendo gamers usually don't even get the multiplatform titles and play stuff like Mario, Pokemon and Zelda

Casual market is high on all consoles, just look at all the videos posted on the SingStar channel, people are addicted to that and play it daily.

ASTAROTH2689d ago

Well I really have to talk here.

Console exclusives are the reason consoles are made in first place. All the consoles since the Atari were backed by its exclusives. If it wasnt for their exclusives such a thing as a console war or prefference havent existed.

Second. Most 360 gamers may agree that multiplatforms are important for their console... I agree multiplatform and 3rd party support is important for the three big companies. But 360 players favoring multiplatform over exclusives is what has make MS to cancel games like KAMEO 2. . . its because of that MS is more willing to pay for exclusive DLC than for aquiring a first party studio. Its becasue of that that there are lack of exclusives on xbox 360. For this reason some people buy just multiplatform games on the 360. Its hard to find a game beyond Gears that can compete in quality with 360's multiplatform games.

The contrary could be said about the PS3. Exclusives sell well and thanks to that MPlat games dont sell as good on PS3 as on 360... most of the time. If Sony didnt had these first party exclusives, the PS3 would been dead since its launch... Its just my opinion.

bruddahmanmatt2689d ago

In this economy it was really one way or the other. Sucker Punch was either going to have to go the Insomniac route and enter into a multiplat deal with a large publisher or they were going to need to sell to one of the Big Three. Obviously Sony makes sense given that it's the company Sucker Punch has collaborated with the most over the course of its existence.

On the other side of things, this was a smart move on Sony's part. I have to think that with Microsoft's first party development floundering these days, they'll be looking to snatch up some quality studios over the next year or so in preparation for the next gen Xbox, same thing with Nintendo and the Wii U. If you're Sony, it makes sense to keep as many of your quality devs in-house.

This is a win-win for both parties IMO. Gamers (well, Playstation owners anyway) will also benefit from an increase in tech sharing between Sucker Punch and Sony's other 1st party studios as well.

badz1492689d ago

Infamous is a great franchise and looks like it's selling very well as to the point Sony acquired SP for it!

Infamous 2 leaves a great impact on me playing it to both end! the good side made me feel touched and the evil one make me hate myself that I have to get there for Platinum! I'm expecting that there will be infamous 3 although things are becoming very unpredictable now.

the only thing that I'm worried about is Sly 4 which is not developed by SP but instead Sanzaru Games! I know that they did the remastering of the Sly collections but Sly 4 from scratch? I'm afraid they would ruin the franchise! I really hope SP plays a hand (big one at that) in Sly 4 development! I still want it to feel like a true Sly game!

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Inside_out2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Good move by Sony...BUT...
....bad move by Sucker punch. Maybe the poor sales of Infamous ( as pointed out in the article, is a great fear for these guys ) motivated Sucker punch to sell out, but there has really been no better time to get out there with your game and market it. As usual, dumb business practices has put Sucker punch in a position where they needed to pass the buck kids living in their parents basement all there lives, they don't want to be independent.

When you see giants of the industry like Bungie and Insomniac explain why they needed to get out there and OWN their own IP's, and why that is important to them as devs and independent people, then you shake your head at guys like Sucker punch and media molecule who will forever be enslaved...good. It's survival of the fittest, and the weak will be consumed. Media molecule is not even making LBP Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it.

Lavitz20122689d ago

Lol you're posts are funny cuz it's nothing but mumbo jumbo :D.

nolifeking2689d ago

Can we refrain from responding to single bubble comment? They obviously really have nothing of note to say and it's just a waste of space since they can't respond.

PM's don't count.

Nitrowolf22689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

" Media molecule is not even making LBP anymore"

Cause they moved on to make yet another PS3 Exclusive IP. Also when did they say they weren't making it anymore?

blumatt2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I'm pretty sure they'll make another LittleBigPlanet for the PS4. I can see them having LBP3 as a PS4 launch title. Maybe it'll be in a full 3D world. Imagine building levels with full 3D movement.

BitbyDeath2689d ago

You are wrong, read the article -


"raked in accolades and top sales since launching in June"

Also this is the main reason why they joined Sony.

"He also said that their decision to sell Sucker Punch into the larger Sony machine "reflects the realities of the increasing budgets of video games."

Which makes sense, just look at what happened to Free Radical, they made one bad game and lost tons of money from it almost forcing them to close down.

KMCROC2689d ago

thought they were bought by Crytek & became Crytek UK.

firemassacre2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

INSIDE OUT."dumb business practices has put Sucker punch in a position where they needed to pass the buck kids living in their parents basement all there lives, they don't want to be independent."

BS. being bought by sony is a good thing, sony gives game developers more time and are more open to ideas than other companys. look at heavy rain for example.

THIS ^^^^^

LarVanian2689d ago

You make it sound as if being First party is a bad thing. It seems quite the opposite for developers such as Naughty Dog and Media Molecule. Both companies are enjoying good sales and receiving mega critical acclaim for their games.

nolifeking2689d ago

Not replying to anyone, but responding to Inside out is starting to seem like an easy high agree ratio. Everything he says is completely nonsensical and unworthy of rebuttal. IGNORE HIS POST PEOPLE. Don't respond strictly to have other people agree with you because reason made more sense than pure idiocy.

LarVanian2689d ago

Saying that people respond to him just to get agrees is a very ignorant thing to say. You shouldn't make up assumptions like that.

Tommykrem2689d ago

It's difficult to stay independent these days, especially if you want to make AAA games. It's not like they're repeating something history has clearly proven wrong time and time again. Naughty Dog and many other studios have reached fame and fortune under Sony, and from what I've read of developer comments (because, let's face it, none of us have any insider information here) most development studios seem to be happy under Sony.

Bungie and Insomniac are giants, and Bungie has signed an exclusive long-term deal with a Activision, while Insomniac has two major franchises being published exclusively by Sony so they're hardly completely independent (though you're right they'll keep their future IP's). Every studio has to do what they can to stick around in this industry, and if this works for Sucker Punch then this works for Sucker Punch. Nothing to do with survival of the fittest or what history has provevn best for everyone.

CGI-Quality2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I have to wonder why you're as dishonest as you are so often. Not ever was it said (nor "pointed out") that the inFAMOUS IP sold poorly, in fact the exact opposite was reported. Also, Media Molecule did NOT say they weren't making anymore LBP titles, they said they were on to making a new one.

OT: Excellent read. Really puts things in perspective as I imagine they'll get a nice little bump to their tech and produce even higher quality games!

Kewl_Kat2689d ago

"Maybe the poor sales of Infamous ( as pointed out in the article..." - You

"InFamous 2 — an open-world game that drops players into the shoes of average-guy-turned-super-hero Cole MacGrath — has raked in accolades and top sales since launching in June for the PlayStation 3" - Article

Did you read the article and misunderstood it, or did you just downright lied?

badz1492689d ago

seriously, I feel like getting dumber every time I read your comment and I think this will be the last one!

blackburn102689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Enslaved? Are you joking? Being part of a giant company paying you big bucks to make exclusives for them is enslavement? I don't understand why everyone seems to think everyone must follow everyone else.

Some people are happy making exclusives and being loyal to the company that gave them the opportunity to make the games they want and some people want to go multiplat. Why so everyone feel it necessary to attack who ever decides to do one or the other? Not every developers can hold out on their own.

No matter what crap fanboys talk Sony is still a giant,powerful company. You talk as if being taken in by Sony is some small [email protected] StarWolf that's BS. You don't even know if Nintendo's new console is any good. Why would they be afraid of something that they haven't seen in action, heard the cost of or know the specs of. Their new console COULD bomb you know. It's not impossible.

TBM2688d ago

Inside out your an bleeding idiot nowhere in the article did it say anything about poor sales, it said with the acclaim and good are the reasons why sony decided to bring sucker punch into the family. Is your hate for all things sony that bad?

You are never in other articles it seems that are not related to sony. Since you know so much please why bungie decided to go multi when halo has sold millions. why not stay with Microsoft? I'll give you a clue it ain't for the money has they've made plenty of that.

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nolifeking2689d ago

This was so obvious it's not even funny. LOL?. Considering the way sony has been going about acquiring studios, their next gen goals seem pretty ambitious. The final years of the PS3 and the fledgling years of the PS4 are gonna be, for the lack of a better word, epic. I feel real comfort in knowing they have a stable pool of devs to dip into.

blumatt2689d ago

I can see this launch lineup for the PS4: Killzone 4, Gran Turismo 6, LittleBigPlanet 3, Uncharted 4, Socom 5, InFamous 3, etc. That's my wish list. Anyone have any further contributions?

nolifeking2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Is that sarcasm or what? I expect many new IP's. Naughty Dog, Zipper, Sucker punch, Media Molecule and the rest of the Sony first parties will most likely be working on new games. Everyone of them have introduced a new IP this gen. With the exception of course being GG and PD, but hey, who can say what next-gen will bring?

Bathyj2689d ago



nolifeking2689d ago

@ bathy

No Tenchu please. At this point the games have gotten so bad I can't give a single shit about the franchise. If reboots are all the rage, Tenchu needs one, and a new name too so I can forget everything past 2.

IRetrouk2689d ago

i want gt6 this gen, kaz said 6 wont take as long, he better not have lied to me or im gonna cry.

KMCROC2689d ago

Weren't those this years exclusive . LOL MILKING.

coolasj2689d ago

That's a lot more numbers attached to the end than I would prefer. Can't your wish list be something more ambitious?
I want a New Guerrilla IP. An Arcade GT. New MM IP. New Naughty Dog IP. A SOCOM Reboot. InFamous 3. Really Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch should traditionally have a new IP by PS4 time.

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Kee2689d ago

PS4 is looking to have a pretty good launch line-up from where I'm standing.

Bolts2689d ago

Yeah they should get started on Infamous 3 for the PS4 as soon as possible.

LarVanian2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Why not do inFamous 3 on PS3? It would go along nicely with Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3.
Sucker Punch should create a new IP for the PS4.

gaden_malak2689d ago

I did the good ending for Infamous idea why there would be a third.

Haven't done the evil one yet.

Kee2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

@gaden_malak because of this, dude.

BitbyDeath2689d ago

@Kee, i saw the lightning above the boat but didn't realise it was in the shape of a question mark.

Bubble up for the shot.

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lazertroy2689d ago




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