IGN - PlayStation Conversation: Resistance 3 Beta

IGN - Ready for Resistance 3? Who isn't? Well, IGN's Colin Moriarty just got into the family and friends portion of the multiplayer beta, and he's awful at it. Check it out.

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xtremegamerage2690d ago

Game is awesome, once you start upgrading alot it add's so much to it, graphics are excellent. I know they are going to tone down the sprint bob/weave type thing.

But it's a great game and i really hope they sell millions with it.

jdktech20102689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Relatively pointless piece of "news" to be honest....but I'm using whatever I can right now as I'm making a decision between Rage and Resistance 3. I've gotta have some sort of plan this fall for buying all these games. Money isn't the issue but time to play them is...