Nintendo show they care about hardcore fans

3DS ambassador program means that early adopters needn't feel short changed by the price cut

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Inside_out2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Early adopters are the biggest suckers in the world.

The creator of Honda motor company said it best, paraphrasing here...Never buy the first model run of any new product...other wise your a, something like that.

If you do, don't complain the doors don't close properly or the thing drops in price like a brick when it's not what it was said to be.

Nintendo have abused their fanbase one to many times and people are catching on. The Wii gimmick advantage is gone and the same old games have run there course.

Look what they are giving the early and NES games...O_o...I would think these guys already would have those antiques.

Nintendo has been on a downward spiral for a while...trend watchers have had Nintendo in their scopes for a least 2 years and now it's run for your lives, Niny is sinking...that's business. The Wii-U doesn't launch for another year and so far, not many people care. Niny is in trouble because they sat around waiting for the other shoe to's dropped big time.

Venox20082690d ago

don't blame impatient's their money, their choice..

Trunkz Jr2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I've been happy with my 3DS, I have no problem supporting it at launch for that price, so to get free games is even more of a plus, but now that they'll sell it cheaper, more will buy (especially for christmas), thus I'll have more people to smash with my uber SSF4 team.

PS: 3DS may be much cheaper then the Vita now, but the Vita will do awesome with sales probably much better then the PSP in the long run.