Best Buy breaking Super Mario Galaxy street date

Best Buy stores selling Super Mario Galaxy early? It appears to be so.

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Nostradavis4053d ago

Just because one idiot decides to sell a game in advance does not mean that every store will be doing the same. Ripten contacted several store managers to obtain a comment and find out if in fact the big box retailer was going to be breaking the release date. The answer they received was an emphatic "NO".

predator4053d ago

im going to out there, get a game early from 1 store and post on the net and get famous for 2 secs. people would think its the end of the world by reporting this stuff.

sajj3164053d ago

Now, if you got a MGS4 demo even on you, I'd be impressed.

Covenant4053d ago

My store has some of our copies already...but we're not stupid enough to sell it early. (It doesn't hurt that I put a massive "HARD STREET DATE" sign on the box).

OOG FunK4053d ago

i duno why people are morons and show us stuff like that and get companies and crap in trouble like honestly i'd keep it my little secret and tell some friends to go get it and what not....but yea people blab every other day about it