Bonus Round Episode 14: Part 2 - Uwe Boll Further Explains Himself to Geoff

Geoff Keighley was lucky enough to spend some man-to-man time with German director Uwe Boll in the latest Bonus Round. In the second part, Geoff tackles the tough questions with Boll. Does Uwe understand the criticism of his work? Is this stuff getting any better? Uwe thinks so. In fact, he goes far enough to compare his movie adaptation of Postal to comedy classics like Monty Python's The Life of Brian and The Naked Gun.

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aggh im on fire3902d ago

Uwe's metal gear going to get a 20 year old woman in a bikini to play snake. She will be infiltrating a hooker's den. I will have a budget of $50. The crew members can double up as other characters. Special effects will be completed on a commodore 64. Metal gear will be created by paper maching robo raptor. And it will be the greatest movie ever............

dazreah3902d ago

Just stop ok! I can see how game companies keep letting him make these awful films. They must have seen the crap his made before.

Bibto3902d ago

I enjoyed the interview. Uwe Boll really seems to enjoy what he's doing and believes in what he's doing. The fact that he sucks at it, is another matter. At least he's very frank and open about what he's doing.

I think the infinite monkey theorem applies here. If you keep letting Uwe Boll make movies, eventually he will make a masterpiece.

Maldread3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Could be, but i think he would have to have more attempts, than he would have the time to, in his lifetime. In his mind he already has made several masterpieces already, so it probably dosn`t matter...except for the viewers ;)

As long as he isn`t making the Metal Gear movie (even though i`m sure it will suck anyway), i`m satisfied ;)

Jen5en3902d ago

I for one am quite optimistic. Since the worst movie ever, Bloodrayne, has already been made, it can't possibly get any worse.

So the good news I suppose, is that it can only improve from this point.

MyNutsYourChin3902d ago

Uwe is a douchebag. Stop giving him press.